Will It Rain, Will It Flood, Will My Data Be There? - Infinity Network Solutions

As I write this, the power is on at work and the drive in this morning was rainy, but otherwise uneventful.  Had Hurricane Hermine tracked a little more north and west, we might have found ourselves on the angry side of the storm.  Weather events tend to raise our awareness around needs for good Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans and solutions.  What would happen if the roads are flooded or iced over and my staff can’t drive to work?  What if the server room is flooded?  What if the power is out?  These are all scenarios we have experienced in this area, so we’re not in “black swan” scenarios (ie:  events that are highly unlikely but highly impactful).

At Infinity, we consider these scenarios when working with our clients to implement solutions to mitigate the risks and impact of weather-related events.  Whether it’s Eaton UPSes for battery power, Datto backup appliances and cloud server virtualization, Microsoft Office 365 for cloud email, or Microsoft RemoteApp for remote access, our consultants (Doug Smith and James Schoepf) can custom design solutions to help keep your business up when the power is out.  In addition to assessing the need, designing the right solution and implementing the technologies, our company provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the systems work when disaster strikes.  Did you know that our Managed Services and NOC team monitors backups daily?  Did you also know they perform test file-level data restores and boot backed up virtual servers to verify the integrity of the backups.  We don’t stop there – our team also coordinates with the various vendors to perform live business continuity tests, including forwarding phone numbers and spinning up cloud virtual machines to validate the functionality of the fail-over systems.  We document what went right and what didn’t so the process can be fine-tuned to produce the expected results.  We provide feedback to our clients as to actual recovery times and inform them of real-world performance of the solution.  As a result, these things aren’t merely academic, they are demonstrated and proven reliable.  We once moved a data center for a medical client when they said we could not take down their network, phones and ultrasounds – talk about contingency planning!  Our team would love to work with your team to keep your business operational no matter the situation.