Why We Intentionally Upset Our Own Apple Cart - Infinity Network Solutions

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  – Albert Einstein

If you have been a friend, partner, client or competitor of Infinity Network Solutions for more than a couple of years, you may have noticed a few changes over the last little bit of time at our company. You may have recognized a focus on improving our Company Culture – starting first with Rob’s book and then carried through in all that we do.   You may have noticed growth and an infusion of new talent in our team.  Those of you who have technical support delivered to you through our helpdesk team surely know what I’m talking about.  We’ve also adapted our service and solution offerings to match up with developments in technology as well as the ever-changing needs of our clients.  While these things were happening, though, I couldn’t shake the feeling that our message just wasn’t reaching all who we wished it to reach.  That’s when I realized our failure.  We were wishing it to happen.  We were hoping it would happen.  We thought, somehow-someway, if we just kept plugging away at what we did, people would find out on their own how great we are.  I came to realize we weren’t doing anything more than the average company to make it happen.  So, we decided to stop wishing.  We decided to stop hoping.  We decided to actually make it happen.  And, as Dr. Einstein noted, we knew we couldn’t do it with the same thinking that brought us here.

“We Have Great Customer Service!”  “We Sell Great Products!”  “Our Prices Can’t Be Beat!”  Most of us have done business with at least one company that promotes themselves in one or more of these ways. It’s not a completely terrible way to promote yourself, to be sure.  The problem is, this type of promotion does absolutely nothing to differentiate you from anyone else who purports themselves to be better at the very same thing, and it also leaves you quite vulnerable to the next company who decides to YELL EVEN LOUDER THAN YOU.  Seriously, it’s pretty easy to say you’re great at customer service, isn’t it?  Doesn’t just about everyone say that?  Have you ever heard a company say “We’re Just Two Yucks In A Truck, So You’re Better Off Buying From Someone Else”?  Of course not!  So then, why do businesses fail to promote themselves in ways that will truly differentiate them?  I suppose it’s because most businesses don’t know what their true value is.  Maybe they hope what they sell is enough for us to just buy it?  Maybe they hope we’re too lazy to seek out other options or that we’ll just happen to be in the right place at the right time when we decide to buy whatever it is they have to offer?  When I came to realize the flaw in this type of promotion, I began noticing just how many I.T. companies tout themselves in this very way.  I then realized, much to my own dismay, we might be getting lumped in with these companies.  So, we decided to take action.

In 2010, for the first time in our company’s history, we committed to planning out nearly every detail of the following year’s strategy for promotion of our company and the process of delivering on our services and solutions.  Before that time, we usually made decent plans for the future and we would make reactionary changes here and there as we saw fit, but there wasn’t much coherency in our changes and there was zero accountability in our plans.  We were too fragmented.  We weren’t aligned in all departments.  It was as if each department, and maybe each team member, was in their own little boat in the middle of an ocean.

If you row a boat on one side with one paddle the same way over and over again, you’ll go around in circles.  If all you desire is to feel the wind in your face, this might be a fine technique to employ.  However, if you have a firm destination or direction in mind, you’re going to need more people in your boat.  You’re going to need more paddles with which to row.  You’re going to need a leader to help direct your team and to assist with unpredictable variables.  Merely feeling the wind in our faces isn’t enough for the team at Infinity.  We have a direction in mind, and that direction is forward.

When we worked on the plans to move Infinity forward in 2012, it was apparent we were going to have to learn to let go of what we thought mattered in the past.  We were going to have to learn to let go of some of the things we thought were important to our clients, because, truth be told, those things were based almost entirely on what we thought was important to you rather than what you told us really mattered.  So we listened.  Sales & Marketing listened.  Operations listened.  Everyone listened.   

You guys told us you wanted to learn more.  You didn’t just want access to a sea of information in which to drown; you wanted to actually learn more.  You asked for an outlet in which to connect and engage with us more closely.  You told us doing the “same old, same old” industry stuff wouldn’t cut it.  You told us it is important to you to know what really matters to us, or, simply put, what we care about beyond just being your I.T. partner.  You wanted us to be unique, and you wanted us to tell you how and why we are.  We believe we’re well on our way.  Here’s how:

Our Company Web Site – Have you visited recently?  It looks a lot different, huh?  The difference is more than just cosmetic, though.  We boiled down the sea of information that companies routinely bombard us with to a manageable, meaningful experience.  Learn from us.  Learn about us.  Learn WHY US.

I.T. Food For Thought – If you’re just now hearing about TechTartare, you’ve missed some fantastic events.  Fret not, though!  We’ve still got a lot left in the kitchen.  See what’s still remaining to be served from our menu.

Company Culture Matters – I mentioned Rob’s book earlier.  It’s called The Company Culture Challenge.  This is an interesting read about why developing and living a great Company Culture truly does impact the success of businesses today.

Stay Tuned – Several paragraphs back, I told you we planned things out for this year not only to be a better company for ourselves but also for you.  As the year rolls on, we’re sure you’ll see why.

Looking for an in-person chance to see us prove ourselves?  Please join us on July 26, 2012, for our exciting event –  HEROES, VILLAINS & VIRTUALIZATION.  Register today to reserve your spot.  We’d love to see you there!