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For Business Managers

Count on Infinity to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

As a Business Manager, you have responsibilities for people, process and profitability.  You can’t afford to have unpredictable I.T. staff or equipment get in the way of your operations.  Infinity Network Solutions understands I.T. exists to serve the mission of your organization, and we will work with you to develop technology processes that empower your employees to succeed and improve your organization’s bottom line.

How We Help Business Managers

We get it. You’re considering changes in your I.T. staff or services, but you may be unsure of how or where to begin. The seeds of change are found in gaining an understanding of “Where You Are” versus “Where You Want to Go”.


Our Technology Assessment process begins with a coordinated business review. At your direction, we will then perform a subsequent in-depth Technology Assessment of your current state. The deliverable will serve to provide information which may be used by you in determining whether to further proceed with a mutual partnership.


Using the results from our assessment, we will provide a detailed proposal of the services available and required for improvement of your current state. Research, assembly and review of this partnership agreement is included in the previously-agreed upon Technology Assessment flat rate.


Execution of change within your organization’s I.T. state will be done with guidance from an assigned virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) from Infinity Network Solutions. This vCIO will serve as your primary point of contact for all strategic planning sessions moving forward and will be responsible for assuming the role of a key technology advisor as an adjunct to your team.


As an inclusion in our partnership agreement , Infinity Network Solutions will manage the ongoing maintenance, support and troubleshooting of your I.T. environment. Our managed I.T. services team will provide support to your staff for all technology issues – from remote support and assistance all the way to on-site recovery and restoration of failed equipment.

If you are a Business Manager looking to make I.T. decisions, Contact Us today to discuss how Infinity can help.