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Why Us

Now that you’ve learned ABOUT US, you may be wondering why you should choose Infinity as your IT services provider. It’s far too easy to get lost in the day-to-day support of an organization’s IT environment. If we’re not careful, as an IT services provider, we could become too focused on “turning screws” or just fixing problems when, in fact, the only thing that really matters is the mission and meaning of our clients’ respective operations.

Simply put, we want to know why your organization exists. We want to know why you and your staff come to work every day. We want to know what makes you different. Only then can we truly understand why IT matters and how it should work for you.

So, how do we stand out in a crowd of seemingly limitless “IT guys?” For starters, we’re not really “IT guys” in the way you may be thinking. In fact, there are four unique qualifiers that we feel set us apart from your typical “IT guys.”

Successful Outcomes Through Process Management

Have you ever thought IT should be more systematic? Have you ever wanted a clear, repeatable process in which your IT environment and your users are supported? We certainly have! We’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how good you are in any one facet of IT service if you’re not good at all aspects. That’s why we are committed to a process that ensures your organization’s needs are understood fully, designed for properly, deployed successfully, and supported faithfully long term.

Our Process


Our Technology Assessment process begins with a coordinated business review. At your direction, we will then perform a subsequent in-depth Technology Assessment of your current state. The deliverable will serve to provide information which may be used by you in determining whether to further proceed with a mutual partnership.


Using the results from our assessment, we will provide a detailed proposal of the products and services required to ensure IT better serves your mission. Research, assembly and review of this partnership agreement is included in the previously-agreed upon Technology Assessment flat rate.


Execution of change within your organization’s IT state will be done with guidance from an assigned Project Coordinator from Infinity Network Solutions. This team member will serve as your primary point of contact for all strategic planning sessions or project updates and will be responsible for assuming the role of a key technology advisor as an adjunct to your team.


As an inclusion in our partnership agreement, Infinity Network Solutions will manage the ongoing maintenance, support, and troubleshooting of your IT environment. Our managed IT services team will provide support to your staff for all technology issues – from remote support and assistance all the way to on-site recovery and restoration of failed equipment.

Continuous Improvements Through Quantitative Measurement

We strongly believe in accountability as a company value and are committed to using statistics and quantitative measurements to continue improving. One of the methods we use to measure performance is our Service-Level Agreement (SLA) score. This score is based on levels of priority for service issues coupled with the amount of time taken to schedule, respond, and resolve these issues.

Our issue resolution process is simple: you call or email us and we will schedule, respond, and resolve the issue. In an SLA Priority Report covering the last 12 months, Infinity achieved:

  • 95.92% SLA’s were met for Triage/Schedule Within
  • 92.49% SLA’s were met for Resolution Within
Trouble Priority Triage / Schedule Within (SLA) Resolution Within (Goal)
Service not available (all users and functions unavailable). 1 1 Hour 12 Hours
Significant degradation of service (large number of users or business critical functions affected). 2 1 Hour 16 Hours
Limited degradation of service (limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue). 3 1 Hour 24 Hours

Our CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction score, over the last 12 months is an incredible 92.92%, including these metrics:

  • 95.19% Positive Feedback
  • 2.55% Neutral Feedback
  • 2.26% Negative Feedback

By using these quantitative statistics, our company accurately measures the areas we are performing well in and, more importantly, the areas we need to improve in. In part, our success can also be attributed to our focus on providing the most stable computing solutions for your business. Learn more about our services here.

Community Investment

We are committed to investing in our community and striving to improve it by supporting worthwhile causes. With this in mind, Infinity focuses its philanthropic efforts on three core areas:

  • Volunteering
  • Contributions
  • Official Sponsorship

We evaluate our charitable and community involvement annually and are always looking for great organizations to support and partner with. Learn more about our partnerships here.

Thought Leadership

For Infinity, maintaining a workforce that consists of leaders and innovators is crucial to our continued development and success. Our company encourages thought leadership in the industry by developing a culture that promotes and rewards growth and excellence. Company culture is import to us – in fact, we’ve written a book about it.

As a result, we only hire people who support and live out our company values. These are the values to which we adhere unwaveringly:

  • Service First
  • Teamwork
  • Preparation
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

At Infinity Network Solutions, we believe these four unique qualifiers truly set us apart and enable us to provide customers with unmatched service. We want to help our customers reach their goals, both long and short-term. To us, the quickest time to resolution is to not experience the problem in the first place. To accomplish this, your designated consultant will help you build out your IT budget and create a technology road map.

Infinity maintains an aggressive schedule of quarterly business reviews, business problem solving workshops, business issue management sessions, and end-user training sessions, all culminating in an annual planning and concepting process meeting. We strive to ensure that our resources are successful in improving your business productivity with technology.

Now that you’re familiar with us, please take a moment to learn what we do with OUR SERVICES