Why Should I Care About Surveys? - Infinity Network Solutions

Let’s face it, we all get requests to fill out surveys every day.  In fact, we get so many requests that we hit “No Thanks.” Or close the window without thinking.  It seems everyone wants our opinion about something.

The problem with most surveys is they are like work but you aren’t getting paid or anything meaningful out of them.  Surveys can take 15 or more minutes to complete and often ask questions that are not relevant to us.  And to add further insult, we NEVER see the results of those surveys in any tangible way.

So now that I have told you every reason why you don’t care about surveys, I am now going to tell you why taking OUR survey will be different.  Here are my arguments:

1)      A chance to win (get paid)!

2)      Only 6 total questions on 1 page.

3)      Only 2 of the 5 questions are required.

4)      The average survey should take less than 2 minutes to fill out – less time than it will take to read this article!

5)      Real results.

The detail:  We will be holding regular drawings for a $50 Amazon gift card.  The winners will be contacted directly and also listed in our newsletter.  This is a thank you for taking time out of your busy day to fill out the survey and helping us to become better.

We know you are busy and don’t have much time to “waste” by filling out a survey.  That is why we developed a survey that is only 6 questions and only 2 of the 6 are required.  Even better, the two required questions are multiple choice!  I have personally taken this survey many times through the build and implementation of it and did not take longer than 3 minutes to fill it out.  Most of the time I only took about 30 seconds!

Finally, and most importantly to us, we will use this survey to deliver real results back to you!  The surveys will be analyzed on a monthly basis and any requested follow-up will be performed with the intent of providing better service to you.  We want to know all the details.  That will allow me to personally work with the staff to be able to provide the best service possible to you.  We also want YOU to be fans of US.  The more you like us the more likely word will get out into the community and that will aid our ability to grow and share our commitment to service with other potential clients.  At the end of the day, we are a service company.  We only exist because of you and we want to be the very best IT staff you have ever worked with.