Why It Matters to Me - Infinity Network Solutions

Helping others is such a passion of mine; not because I believe that I can save everyone from the grips of scarcity, I just believe it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO! Growing up as a young boy in central Illinois was very difficult. As a young man, I watched my mother raise 8 children alone after my father passed when I was only 6 years old. Watching my mother struggle alone, to provide for 8 children, instilled a desire in my heart to one day help eliminate the burden single parents have to carry. In addition to witnessing my mother go through hardship as a single mother, I’ve also seen people end up living on the streets, go days without food, and go without daily necessities because they did not have enough money. Seeing all this as a young child fueled my burning passion to help as many people as I can, so that they wouldn’t have to bear the burden alone. When you help someone in their desperate time of need, it does more than provide for a physical need, it sends an important message-“I am here for you. You do not have to carry that burden by yourself. I care enough to carry that burden with you!”  My heart’s desire is to reach many people and let them know that someone is by their side.

While providing tangible items such as food, money, and clothing is essential; tangible items may only be part of the solution. It’s not just about giving money because the money can only go so far, but the things that are imparted to them will provide needed encouragement. This sharing of new ideas and new ways of coming out of poverty for example can hopefully lead to them staying out of poverty. They in turn, take these valuable nuggets that have been so freely given to them and teach others how to come out of poverty. It’s important for me to help because it creates many opportunities for people’s lives to be different and in doing so, my own life is fulfilled.

I have discovered that you can give people all the money in the world to help them out of a temporary situation, but if you don’t TEACH them how to be overcomers, you will always be giving handouts. Those who are less fortunate need so much more than a temporary fix. You see, single mothers need strong men that will help them to teach their young sons how to become men. Fathers need an encouraging word which will inspire them to pursue the purpose that is deep down inside of them.

The question is “Why does it matter to me?” Everyone at some point in time will need help. Will you be the helping hand? You may not be able to help everybody but you can help somebody. We have to make a concerted effort to “Each one, Reach one!” It was in the trenches of poverty and lack of a father that sparked my desire to help those who were less fortunate.