Where Do You Look To Be Inspired? - Infinity Network Solutions

I count myself lucky that I have the opportunity to spend time with very inspiring people within our local business and civic communities.  I see them working hard to achieve goals that truly affect those people they work with.  It makes me realize how much more I could be doing here in our community.  I spend time with other business leaders in the IT space and see how they provide for their clients and employees.  Their efforts make me want to do more.  I spend a lot of time reading books and listening to talks from great authors about leadership and life that inspire me.  I try to emulate these people and their teachings.  But recently, I have come to realize that I overlook some of the greatest inspiration in my everyday life.  My employees, family and friends.

Recently, members of our company took part in a fitness challenge where we divided up into teams to take on small and large tasks and goals to become more physically and emotionally fit.  We brought in some great outside motivators to help inspire the teams to achieve the goals and accomplish the challenges.  I spent most of my time observing those taking part and trying to be part of the motivation for them because I love to see everyone here at Infinity succeed.  Many of them did more than achieve their goals and I am so proud of them.  However, I failed to achieve mine.  No excuses for it– I just didn’t give it enough focus and effort.  But as I sat in the last meeting and truly listened for the first time during this effort, I began to want to achieve the goals.  Those people who got up and talked about how they found the inspiration and resolve to do what they did truly motivated me.  I also realized that as I talked with each of them throughout this effort trying to find ways to help them achieve their goals, I didn’t let them help me achieve mine.  This goes back to one of my fatal flaws as a person.  I push away the offer of a helping hand which to truly be a Go-Giver you can’t do (BLOG Post: How hard is it to take a hand offered?).

As many of you know, I have two young girls and a great wife.  I feel guilty every day when I leave them and every night that I am either away from home or back home late.  Recently Kira, my 4 year old, had to get glasses to help correct a vision issue.  My wife and I spent the days before the doctor’s visit and as we waited for the glasses to come in talking about how we would ensure Kira didn’t feel less for having to wear them.  We talked up the glasses and once she got them we talked up how great it was she had them.  Now going on a month of her having them she has put them on every day and wears them without need of reminder.  We were outside the other night playing and I mentioned to her how proud I was of her for wearing them.  To which she responded; “Daddy I wear them because they help me see good and not have my eye drop” and she moved on.  In that simple saying I realized how she didn’t have issue doing what was good for her when she recognized the need.  I realize that in some of the simplest views of life come some of most profound inspirations.

So what have these inspired me to do?  They have inspired me to do a couple of things.  Nothing earth shattering but I am now more focused on “hearing” what others are telling me in their stories instead of always looking to try and provide inspiration to them.  I have also realized that it isn’t bad to just slow down and watch from a far your children.  When left to their own efforts, they can achieve much.  Lastly, I have taken up walking on my treadmill desk 10 miles a week.  For the past several years, I have been without a traditional desk and have at times put many miles under my feet while I stand.  I have begun walking again on this treadmill to help with my fitness goals.  So thank you to everyone that has recently inspired me in ways you may not even have realized.  I promise to stay more aware and take in more of what you are trying to give me.

So where do you look to get inspired?  Do you see not only the big ideas and achievements but also see the daily things in your life?  Hearing from you is one of my biggest inspirations, so please feel free to share your feedback.  I hope to become part of your inspiration.