Welcome To Summer - Infinity Network Solutions

As we wind down spring and head into summer many of us long for the beach, the mountains, or maybe the shade of a pool umbrella. During this time, it is ideal to spend a little time learning too.  I think those that aren’t learning are falling behind at any moment.  My plan is to read at least one book a week during the next 2 months.   But there are many ways to learn and I wanted to be sure you were aware of a couple that we have available.

The first way that I hope many if not all of you are aware of is our learning series which we have done for over 10 years now.  We focus each year on key areas that we think will most effect and benefit small businesses.  This summer we take the learning and make it a little more fun.  With our next two events being Tech Expos where we let the engineers take the lead as they show off what many of the solutions we believe are core to a great Technology Stack for Small Business should include.  From Security to Communication we cover it all and even through in some fun, food and drinks.  Be sure to sign up and join us for a few hours.

The second way we are just now rolling out to clients.  We want our vCIOs to deliver even more value so they are on a mission to engage all our I-Support clients to build learning events at their place of business for their entire staff.  Each month I write here about different IT issues and we have other article and BLOG posts from the team that add to that.  We also send emails when we feel it is important enough to reach everyone’s inbox but those are just point in time announcements.  What we feel is taking the time to learn in a structured manner is important also.  We also know that many of the most important issues are unique to a business.  So using a combination of live and self-paced learning tools we hope to make every employee even more able to do their jobs well.  We even see it as a chance to help clients get new employees up and running better and faster.  As you have your QBR be sure to talk to your vCIO about this program and let us develop something for you and your team.

I can never write about learning without sharing something that I have learned of late.  I recently received a copy of Andy Stanley’s Making Vision Stick, which is a short and to the point book not about defining your vision but how to communicate it and how to help others understand and embrace it.  Thanks to Ralph Staffins from the Newton County Chamber for sharing it with me.  While I think I do a lot to help my team and community know my vision and mission, I will admit after reading this book I can do so much more and better.  The most important of which is celebrating how our vision is lived out everyday more.  I can’t wait to see what I learn next.  What have you learned lately and what will you do to leverage it?  Feel free to share with me and I hope you have a safe, enjoyable and productive summer.