The Importance of Taking Care of Your People - Infinity Network Solutions

In my time here at Infinity, I have learned just as much as my many years in school.   Working with Rob has been very rewarding; he is by far the best leader I have ever had the chance to work with. I’m not saying this to get a raise.  I’m saying it because it’s true.

He leads us to be compassionate, kind and respectful.  If you can say that about your employer, you are a lucky one as well.

Our company’s vision is to “cultivate and support employees who are disciplined, personally accountable, highly productive, self-motivated and emotionally invested”.   It is not an easy task to find people with these qualities, but we have accomplished it in the past few years.  To get to this point, we re-vamped our recruitment and hiring process.

Recruiting and hiring the right people isn’t the only thing we have to do.  We have to work hard to retain our people and find ways to keep them engaged and happy.   There are several ways to accomplish this.  First and foremost, Do the Right Thing.   Find out what motivates your people.  Not everyone is motivated solely by monetary incentives.  Reward them with items or things that they care about.  This could be time off from work or even a thank you in front of the entire company.   Commend t your staff when they do a great job.  Most of us, by nature, want to feel needed and appreciated.  Encourage co-workers to complement each other. One idea we implemented is our “Brag Board”.  Whenever one of us goes “above and beyond”, we recognize them in writing on this board in the office.  Come by and see it some time.

Look after your staff.  Most people have some sort of personal dilemma at one time or another.  Help support them in that time.  Develop an Employee Assistance Program to help with situations that occur out of the office.  Your staff will appreciate there is concern and time taken to help them in a stressful situation.

When your people are taken care of and happy, they will come to work.  Not only will they come to work, they will be on time, they will be smiling, they will see your vision and they will be committed to the company.  No matter what your company’s mission is, it will certainly benefit from a staff like that!