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Super Mario Run was a massive hit when it released on the market for Apple iOS devices.  The app was downloaded 2.85 million times on launch day!  Many Android users have been waiting anxiously for an Android release to get their piece of the nostalgia pie.  Currently on the Google Play Store there is an option to pre-register for the game and releases from the official Nintendo developer.  Attackers have definitely realized what an opportunity they have as the games popularity rises.  They are now creating apps on third party app stores and sites that look legitimate but will install malware on user’s Android devices.  Beware when searching for Super Mario Run or any android apps and preferably always download from the official Google Play Store.

Some examples of malware include DroidJack, which allows an attacker to control a user’s android device remotely from anywhere in the world.  Another instance found code to install Marcher banking malware that attempts to steal sensitive banking and credit card information for a range of popular banking apps including Barclay’s and HSBC.  It can even locate and disable antivirus software that is installed on the device.  Other less dangerous but annoying infections will install adware that will slow down the device or redirect the user to download other malicious software.

To protect yourself against this possible threat first be certain that you are downloading from a reputable source such as the Google Play Store.  By default, your device will not allow you to install application from third party sources.  However, it is not a bad idea to have a look at your settings.  You may need to consult a guide for your individual device but generally this will be under settings -> security -> phone administration -> “Unknown Sources.”  If this is off or disabled then you should be good to go.  If you want to live dangerously and allow the installation of third party apps and you really do not like the Google Play Store there is still something you can do.  SonicWALL security appliances can check all downloads on your network with their Advanced Gateway Security Suite to keep malware such as this off your devices and network.  If you are in need of a trusted IT partner and advisor or are interested in SonicWALL Advanced Gateway Security we would love to meet with you.  You can reach us by contacting 478-475-9500 or send an email over to

The official Super Mario Run listing on Google Play Store looks like this: