New Year's Resolutions : Infinity-Style !! - Infinity Network Solutions

With the new year comes the dreaded “New Year’s Resolution.”  Rather than look at resolutions from a “glass half empty” point of view, we thought it would be fun to publish our staff’s resolutions for all to see.***

We’ll check back at the end of 2013 to see who actually stuck with their commitments.

Rob Betzel, President & CEO – “I resolve to listen at least as much as I talk.”

Matt Drinkwine, Operations Manager – “My New Year’s Resolution is to focus more diligently on my fitness.”

Amy Anderson, Finance Manager – “In 2013, I am going to work on keeping an agenda for my family – a weekly calendar so we are more organized and have regular family time.”

Jessica Peters, Sales & Marketing Administrator, PSU – “My New Year’s Resolutions are to develop better eating habits (and stick to them!) as well as getting back into playing tennis.  Most of all, I want to enjoy every first experience married life has to offer – good or bad.  I want to appreciate newlywed time instead of letting it slip by so fast.”

Harvey Logan, Purchasing Coordinator – “In 2013, I would like to attain the necessary finances to take a paradise vacation to Aruba and watch the sunrise and sunset for a week with my spouse!”

Rick Voyles, Engineer – “In 2013, I would like to read all of the books I’ve bought but never read.”

Susan Huellemeier, Account Manager, CBU – “My New Year’s Resolution is to focus on the positive in any situation.  I also want to strive to give as much as possible – money, time, compassion and empathy.”

Cal Till, Business Development Director, CBU – “In 2013, I want to bike at least 3,000 miles, complete one century (100 mile ride) and compete in at least one 12/24 hour mountain bike race.”

James Schoepf, Engineer – “In 2013, I am going to ensure my fiance has the best wedding possible (November), and I am going to spend more growing closer to her two children.  I also plan to spend more time training and developing in martial arts.”

Antonio McCray, Engineer – “My New Year’s Resolutions are to be more consistent at achieving my short and long term goals as well as managing my time more wisely (since you can’t get time back).”

Brian Betzel, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing – “My New Year’s Resolutions are to avoid eating French fries for one full year and to spend one evening per week with my wife, Hannah, and sons, Bruno & Finn, without watching any television (we call it “No TV Tuesday”).”



*** at least the ones brave enough to have them published here