Sometimes It Takes A Little More Effort To Do The Right Thing - Infinity Network Solutions

Over the past month I have had several occasions to be pleasantly surprised by the lengths some people and companies will go to, to ensure I was taken care of and received exactly what was promised and expected. In one case I recently decided to invest in a P90X exercise program, and to be honest the online ordering process was not built for a 5th grader.

There were multiple pages and options to click (many of them were upsell opportunities). I did my best to order what I intended and nothing more but it wasn’t an easy task. When I got to the end of the process, things looked right so I submitted my order. I was hoping to get it here before the Thanksgiving holiday, not because I thought it would help me with the weight I was going to gain from all that great food; but because I wanted to be able to set it all up to start the next week while I had the extra time.

A day or two went by and I was getting emails as my order worked its way through their system but then I got a phone call at my house (I only gave that number with the order) in which a very nice lady identified herself saying that she wanted to speak with me about my order before she shipped it out and left her direct extension.

I didn’t get it until that night and decided to wait until the next day to call back but I got busy and forgot. So the next night I had another message from the same lady explaining that she was holding my order as she had a question about it and once again left her contact information. But this time she went a step further, she also sent me an email explaining the need to speak with me. It wasn’t a form email but a short message just asking me to call her.

So when I got home I decided to go ahead and call. To my amazement I reached her and not her voicemail. She said she was just about to leave for the day but took the time to log back into her computer to review my order. What she explained was that it appeared I had ordered not one kit but two and she wanted to be sure that I did want both. She also said she didn’t leave that detail in the voicemail as she didn’t know if I was getting them as gifts and worried one might be for my wife.

Obviously I did only want one and only wanted to pay for one. I also explained that it wasn’t for my wife but for me. Just a point – I’m not sure if exercise equipment is ever a good gift unless asked for. She apologized for the issues I had with the website process and said she would note that for her supervisor as I wasn’t the first person she had run into who had the same problem (They have recently changed their online ordering process). She asked if I had needed/wanted to get my order by a certain date and I said I had, but understood if my delay in getting back to her would cause this not to happen. She said it wouldn’t as she would change the shipping method so that it would get to me in time because the delay was really their system’s fault and not mine.

As expected I received my order the day before Thanksgiving but what I found even more amazing was that I also received a follow-up email from the supervisor apologizing for the issues and wanting to be sure I received my order as expected.  Now, it would have been easy for her to have just shipped my order as placed and let me work it out once I got it, but she didn’t. It would have been easier on her to just correct the order when I called and not worry about future customer orders, but she didn’t. She absolutely could have shipped the order by the method I had paid for or just offered to upcharge me for faster delivery, but she didn’t.

What she did do was took the time to empathize with me about my order and my needs. She made one of the hardest connections there is to make, which is over the phone, and made me feel like I was cared about and someone important to her and her company. So it may take a little more effort to do the right thing but it is so worth it when you do. How much time do you spend to truly understand what people need when you are interacting with them?