Technology Assurance Program - Infinity Network Solutions

Technology Assurance Program

Have you put off technology upgrades due to the large out of pocket expense it may take? Are you concerned that new technology means costly, specialized service? Fear not. The Infinity Technology Assurance Program (I-TAP) protects against technology’s two biggest pitfalls – Obsolescence and Total Cost of Ownership.

I-TAP allows organizations to implement the proper technology solutions by paying for technology as a fixed-cost, monthly, operational expense. As changes within the organization occur, additional technology solutions that may become necessary are implemented at no additional out-of-pocket cost. If your business is considering the acquisition of a new telephone system, file server, wireless network, or departmental PC refresh, consider leveraging the power of I-TAP.

What are the Benefits of I-TAP?

  • Avoid capital expenditures on depreciating equipment
  • One monthly payment for all equipment and support
  • Technology becomes an operating expense supported by a team of skilled professionals
  • Keep costs under control as your organization grows
  • Obtain new technology as often as need by your organization

“We were able to upgrade nearly all of technology at one time and put into place a service plan to help us as we grow in the future.”

Mikell Peed, Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex

What are the Operational Advantages of I-TAP?

  • Capital is retained for investments that appreciate versus those that depreciate or getting that new key employee who can help make you better
  • Your organization is always on the leading edge of technology maintaining your competitive advantage
  • Recurring training for your staff and new employees leading to increased efficiencies and value
  • Guaranteed response when issues arise