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Network Security

The business of hacking has become a lucrative black market enterprise, and small businesses are often unable to adequately protect themselves from being exploited for ill-gotten financial gain. Fortunately, a well-developed network security plan isn’t an unattainable goal for small businesses. To aid in the security of and peace of mind for our clients, we have developed a managed network security program we call I-SECURE.

I-SECURE is a combination of industry-leading tools and services coupled with a systematic approach to preventative and reactive security best practices. I-SECURE functions as a complement to clients of our managed IT support program (I-SUPPORT) or as a standalone service to organizations with their own in-house IT staff.

Highlights of I-SECURE

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Automated Event Collection
  • Continuing Education for Staff
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Threat Remediation
  • Security Testing of IT Assets and Staff Readiness
  • Security Consultant for Program Point of Contact
  • Continuous Protection Against Known and Emerging Threats

Download I-SECURE Program Sheet