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Managed IT Services

Infinity Network Solutions is redefining technology’s place in business operations and strategy. With our I-SUPPORT managed IT services program, your organization receives not only the technical support and guidance your staff requires, but also receives in-depth business consulting with which to plan for the future.


You or one of your staff members is having a problem with a computer, or, even worse, your entire organization is down due to network or server failure. Do you have a reliable process to get quick resolution to the issue? Do you call your “IT guy” only to have to leave a message, creating a sense of wonder when you might be getting the assistance you desperately need? You won’t have those concerns when partnering with Infinity Network Solutions. Our helpdesk team is available to our clients for any IT issue – from minor problems like an annoying pop-up all the way to the most complex network outage.


You may have heard of Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday,” but do you know your IT environment well enough to understand if an available update is appropriate for the various technology products and services in your business? And if so, do you have an organization-wide strategy for how and when best to apply these updates? We leverage industry-leading tools to continually monitor and maintain your IT assets, and we couple this tool set with our high level of business understanding to ensure maintenance is performed accurately with minimal operational impact.


So everything seems to be working fine with your IT services until WHAM! you have an issue with little or no previous warning. Could this have been prevented? Were there warning signs all along you simply didn’t have the ability to see? Our technical team develops and performs a tailor-made set of activities which allow for visibility into the performance of your IT environment. Review of this performance ensures we make corrective actions as needed so that warning signs aren’t ignored and avoidable issues are, in fact, avoided altogether.


You have an inventory of IT equipment and services that has changed as needed over the years. Did those changes happen as a result of careful planning, or were you faced with technology purchases that seemed to come out of nowhere? With I-SUPPORT, your assigned Senior Consultant will develop your Business Roadmap to plan for and successfully execute future IT purchases and lifecycle management of your technology inventory. By following your Business Roadmap, your organization will ensure the highest performance possible out of your technology while also providing a predictable IT budget in which to follow.

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