What would be on my reading list if I was starting a new list - Infinity Network Solutions

Last month I mentioned wanting to read a book a week in July and August and while it has only been a couple weeks I have been able to stick to that commitment to my personal education.  I will admit to hit a book a week takes some prioritization of my 168 weekly hours.  I have had to grab that 30 to 60 minutes between when we finally get Kira and Ashlan to bed and when I finally give up the day to sleep for reading.  Also a few quite minutes on the weekend early in the AM and throughout the day when we aren’t on the go.  Now there are many lists of great reads both new and old out there but I thought I would give you 5 books that I have read to help you if you are looking for suggests.

So number one with a bullet for me for anyone is Bob Burge’s The Go Giver.  I think it is an amazing story with a simple but powerful set of “Laws” for those of us searching to stay focused on others and how we can help them achieve their goals while also achieving ours.  My favorite “Law” is the Law of Influence and how it focuses on how much more you give than you receive.  It helps me always put the first thing first and that is being of Service First.  This book is one of the core books we have every team member read when they join us.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People makes my list for a couple reasons.  First it is one of the gold standards for people that want to achieve more and better with their lives.  I have (re)read this book probably 20 times in my life if not completely then in parts as I was seeking answers to a problem.  To think that a book that is over 25 years old can still carry weight for all of us is powerful.  The second reason I put it on this list is very local.  The Bibb County Schools system with the support of the Macon-Bib Business and Education Partnership is working to bring the student focused version of this book and it’s education to all Elementary and Middle Schools in the district.  There are some very invested business leaders working to raise the money to make this happen because without a motivated and focused workforce business fails.

So this one might need to get you double credit on any reading list due to its’ length, The SnowBall is one of the autobiography’s of Warren Buffett.  I find all things Warren Buffett fascinating and believe much of his success is based in simplicity and focus which is coupled with an amazing business intellect.  But to read the backstory for someone who isn’t done yet is a great way to put into perspective what we continue to read from and about him.

This is one of my most recent completions, The Paperboy’s Fable by Deep Patel is a short read about some pretty straight forward principles of customer service and business.  What made me read this was after meeting Deep, who is from Macon GA and recently graduated from high school, and learning that he wrote it while ill and was based on his father’s journey.

The last book I will leave you with is Mindset.  This book is pretty research oriented and I am sorry to say you have to be able to get through those parts to see the real value in understanding Fixed and Open Mindsets and how having one or the other affects you and if you have them your children.  It has changed completely how I engage with my girls about success and failure, effort and outcomes.  This might be one of the most important books I have read as it pertains to being a father.

So what else should we be reading to help ourselves grow?  What on this list isn’t worth the effort?  As many of you know I take anyone’s honest suggests and add them to my list, which currently stands at 47 books still to get to.  Which tells me I have so much to still learn and why being a lifelong leaner is important.  Here is to a well-read 2017.  As a final disclaimer none of the links here bring me any profit beyond helping you find great reading materials.