Managing Growth While Creating Client Loyalty - Infinity Network Solutions

I’m sure that many of you saw the exciting announcement about our acquisition of the IT Service Division of Giddens Consulting.  I wanted to use this space to provide you more information from my perspective about what this means for our clients, employees, and vendor partners. I believe this is the start of a great, new era to work for and with Infinity Network Solutions.


I learned over the years that companies are in one of two modes at all times, growth or contraction. Businesses never stay in a static state—when you manage attrition this results in contraction.  If you add clients, staff and services this results in growth.  Infinity Network Solutions has been in a steady state of growth over the past 14 years; we’ve accomplished this by adding one client at a time from our primary markets. This has worked for us because as we add more clients we add more staff and more skills to serve those clients. Our focus is always on client service and good vendor partnerships.

But we know that client satisfaction isn’t enough, we must build client loyalty. It isn’t good enough to deliver effective solutions at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner—if this is the case, then you’re only as good as your last transaction. We must grow our team and their skills so we can continue to be the go-to MSP for our clients and partners. But many of these skills involve different bases of knowledge and require a large investment of time and money to acquire. Add in the fact that we have both a professional service group (Projects) and a managed service group (Support) and a new skill can be twice as expensive to obtain.

Nevertheless, we’re determined to make these investments and find ways to leverage the value we create from them.

Acquisition and Expansion

This is where strategic growth (Acquisition and Expansion) comes into play. For us to grow our client base at a rate that allows us to expand our knowledge and skills, we have to look to other markets (areas of the state) and potential partnerships. This is because many of the skills we build are used just one time or in small quantities, so we need a larger base to support them.

Giddens Consulting has been a partner company for a while; they provide custom software solutions—primarily voting software, and they operated in one of our key verticals. We often work with their small IT support division.  The IT Service Division of Giddens Consulting served a market that we believed could benefit our existing and new clients.  So after lengthy discussions, we agreed to incorporate both their staff and clients into our business.

The Acquisition and Expansion model is one we will continue to pursue in an effort to grow and better serve our clients. By doing this in a very targeted and controlled way our team can expand their skills, focus on specific skills, better support our vendor partners, and meet the ever-expanding needs of our clients.  Additionally we will continue to add new clients every day through direct contact and hard work. Building valuable relationships is key to business growth. To achieve our long-term goals we will have to do both of these things successfully.

Our Focus Is Always On Our Clients

Despite the acquisition, we promise to continue focusing on our clients’ needs and remain loyal to them. Our clients are the only reason
we exist and we know this. We measure every aspect of our service on client satisfaction. As we grow we will continue to improve both what we see as important and what our clients see as important. We are grateful for their honest feedback, and hope they will continue to let us know how we can improve.

Infinity Network Solution’s focus on growth doesn’t mean any one client, regardless of size or the time we’ve been working together, is any more or less valuable. When I started this firm I had only two clients. We still work with both of these clients because we continue to deliver value to them.  We want to do the same for all of our clients.

The Growth of Our Leadership Team

To grow our business we’ve made additions to leadership team. It reminds me of what I once said: “What if I train them and they leave me?” To which a bright colleague responded, “What if you don’t and they stay?”  We’ve given people more direct responsibility and added Jonathan Vernon as Managed Services Lead, and Derek Jones as Project Coordinator. Both of them proved themselves great engineers with leadership potential that has grown as a result of their hard work and persistence. We also added Charlie Waters as Senior Consultant to take over many of the IT strategy and sales engineering tasks.  We continue to add more employees to our sales and marketing team with Jessica Peters making the move to full-time status. We believe that providing more responsibility to the right people challenges them, giving them the opportunities to achieve great things.

Our On-going March To Grow Our Business

Great business leaders have taught us over the years, but one stands out more than any other, Jim Collins.  I had a chance to hear Jim speak about the “20 mile march” of great businesses. This is where you have a plan to take the steps needed to move forward; and you take those steps every single day. You may need to change the task/direction of that march but you continue moving forward every day, being intentional in the efforts that move you toward your long-term goals.  Infinity Network Solutions applies this strategy every day, and we do it intentionally in the way we serve our clients, support our employees and ultimately grow our business. We may change direction along the way, but we will never lose our focus because without it we would fail our clients, and we wouldn’t be here today or tomorrow.

I hope you can now see why I truly believe it’s an exciting time here at Infinity Network Solutions and why this news is all about becoming a better partner for everyone we work with. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. And stay tuned as I promise to keep you updated on how this effort turns out for everyone involved.