Managers … Do You Know What’s Cooking In Your I.T. Departments? - Infinity Network Solutions

I must admit that CEOs and management are getting smarter and smarter when it comes to the roles technology plays in the profitability of their companies. There are the few who continue to pass the responsibility on to a tech or to their staff to ‘just make it work.’ When it doesn’t, heads will roll and innocent people are chastised, and the work environment can become most unpleasant and productivity is minimized.

There is a way for management to be engaged with technology and it dovetails with their existing responsibilities. Typically, a company will have an IT technician, or a staff of technicians managed by an IT Director. The management may be outsourced, or an IT company is called only when there is a problem. A hybrid of these options is possible. These ‘techies’, even directors of IT, want to be a part of the planning process. Actually, IT geeks have a desire to be part of the internal ‘dream team’ that is responsible for the future path of said company.

As Infinity works with prospects and clients, we can see where a company is moving forward and meeting goals, or is struggling with very little forward progress. The difference is leadership from the top, including all management doing their homework, understanding the fundamentals of the technologies in house and what is and is not working. Managers should dig to discover what’s new, and task their IT teams to find solutions, challenge their creativity, and always hold them accountable. It is a collaborative effort. One does not need to know the very technical intricacies, but understand the end results in relation to the productivity and profitability of the company.

Management can make ultimate IT decisions based on keeping current with the latest technologies, being involved in local IT organizations, reading our Infinity newsletter. You CAN be informed and knowledgeable about IT, which allows you to make solid, smart, common sense decisions.

I am shouting to managers… get involved with your own company technology, embrace the movement, make a commitment to get into the habit. Your staff will have tremendous respect for your involvement.