The Women of Infinity Featured in Macon Magazine - Infinity Network Solutions

With Macon Magazine looking to renew its feature on “Women in Business” in their upcoming issue, Infinity Network Solutions jumped at the opportunity to participate.  Infinity knows without the support of these four women, the company wouldn’t be what it is today—the leading Macon-based IT Services Company.

Amy Anderson—Vice President of Operations, Susan Huellemeier—Account Manager, Jessica Peters—Sales & Marketing Administrator, and Wendy Brinson— Engineer, are integral to the efficient and effective operations at Infinity.  Their core competencies are the basis for Infinity’s IT Solutions, such as: Outsourced IT Department for Businesses, Unified Communications Systems, Virtualization Technologies and Cloud Computing.


Amy, Susan, Jessica and Wendy answered the following questions during the interview:

What makes your company unique?

(Susan) Our culture. We are all highly motivated and emotionally invested. We are very driven to give back to our community. We constantly are challenged to ask ourselves…is there a better way?

How has your company changed since you first started?

(Amy) Infinity has grown tremendously in the past four years. One of the big accomplishments is our company culture. Our CEO Rob Betzel has written a book on company culture.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

(Wendy) I grew up in an age where technology was just beginning, so seeing how it has evolved over the past 20 years excites me and makes me wonder what else can be done.

What is your biggest challenge in dealing with information technology as a service?

(Susan) It’s a tough, competitive market. Client budgets are tight. My challenge is getting the client to focus on the value of that expenditure.

What trait has helped you most in business?

(Jessica) Being a team player. I am fully committed to the best end result possible whether for the client or our company, and I’m happy to help any coworker achieve that goal.

What trait has hindered you most in business?

(Wendy) Prioritizing—every client is equally important, it’s just a matter of getting everyone up and running, satisfied, happy and maintaining your sanity at the end of the day.  

What advice would you offer other women in business?

(Amy) Keep yourself educated. Whether it’s college, specialized training or reading books, the more you know the more valuable you will become.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

(Jessica) I see Infinity expanding beyond middle Georgia. Growth and change are the name of the game and Infinity is ahead of the curve.

About Infinity Network Solutions

Infinity Network Solutions is an Information Technology services company offering a variety of products and solutions to small to mid-sized businesses and public sector agencies throughout the state of Georgia. The company helps organizations reach their maximum potential through best-in-class implementation and management of technology.


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Executive Vice President
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