John Atkins Wins Employee of the Quarter for Q1 2018!! - Infinity Network Solutions

Part of what makes Infinity Network Solutions successful is our team. Every team member is committed to the success of our company and our clients. As a way of saying thank you to those employees who personify Infinity Network Solutions’ mission and values, we created the Employee of the Quarter award in 2005.

We are pleased to announce John Atkins, Senior Engineer is the winner of the Employee of the Quarter for Q1 2018.  This is John’s second Employee of the Quarter title.

“John Atkins, Infinity’s Q1 2018 Employee of the Quarter recipient, was not present to receive his award.  In typical John fashion, he was on the phone with Microsoft working to repair a server for a client.  This is the rock solid dependability we all have come to expect from him and it’s exciting to see John recognized as a true “hero” for our clients.  Additionally, John is always striving to increase his knowledge while working diligently to improve the company.  Congratulations to John for his well-deserved recognition!” – Charlie Waters, Vice President of Service

Each quarter, employees recommend to the management team fellow employees whom they think should be nominated for Employee of the Quarter. The management team considers how well the recommended employees uphold our mission, vision and values, and submit the names of those who scored highest in all three areas for consideration by executive management.

Since 2007, we have also recognized an employee of the year from among the four Employee of the Quarter winners, a practice that serves as a constant reminder to everyone that we truly appreciate our fellow employees’ commitment to the success of our team.

Please join us in celebrating John and his Q1 achievement. We look forward to doing this again next quarter.