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I hear it all the time when talking to companies about IT support at their business.  “We have an IT guy and we would be lost without them.” Having an expert you can trust is something we all want in all areas of our lives, but are all “experts” created equal?  Think about it, do you have someone you trust to take care of your car?  That person you know will fix any problem you have and not charge you for things you don’t need. What if that person who fixes your car is not as well trained or up on the current technologies and techniques — would you even know?

Suppose you had a problem and you took your car in to be serviced and “your guy” fixed the problem.  When you got your car back it was working and you were happy but, unknown to you, “your guy” left off a clamp because he didn’t think it was important.  He didn’t have the training or experience to know better.  Everything works great for a few months but one day another part fails because of this missing clamp. It’s a new problem and “your guy” is happy to fix it and charge you for it, but should it ever have been an issue to start with?

I see this all the time in the IT world.  I can usually tell by what a business owner tells me if they have a “guy” like this.  You see they will say things like “we always have trouble and if we didn’t have “insert name here” we wouldn’t be able to get any work done.  In the IT world, some of the worst IT professionals have the most job security because they never fix the root cause of the problems.  They just keep putting band aids on the symptoms.  The truth is a good IT professional solves the root issues because they have been trained and keep their skills up to date.  The sad truth in the industry is that good IT guys get networks running so well that people question if they really need them any longer.  I assure you that you do need a good IT guy.

Never has this been a bigger issue than when it comes to security. A technician not properly trained can do more harm than you can imagine.  Let’s say your new assistant needs access to QuickBooks that is securely saved on your server.  You call you “guy” and they come out and make the needed changes to give your assistant access.  When they are finished, your assistant has the access they need and can use QuickBooks.  What you don’t know is that your guy didn’t understand security correctly and instead gave everyone in the company access to your QuickBooks files.  From your perspective, everything is working so they must have done a good job, right? Wrong!  You’re likely to only find out that it wasn’t done right when your data is compromised or stolen.  Did the salesman who just left your employment take a copy of your QB’s with him to his new job at your biggest competitor? The answer might very well be yes.

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