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Robert Betzel on Tech Talk

Infinity Network Solutions president Robert Betzel sat down with TAGTV Online guest host Frank Baia, president of Globalspeak, for a chat about trends in the small- and medium-business community, Tech Tartare and the importance of having dedicated IT professionals – whether in house or outsourced – to help business leaders keep their businesses running smoothly.

Baia opened the program by asking Betzel about trends he observed among small and medium businesses. One thing that Betzel said he noticed is that more and more small- and medium-business owners are transitioning to the cloud or “utility computing,” as Betzel calls it. Money is tight, so business owners want to use cloud technology as a service rather than “a capital outlay.” So, many business leaders are choosing to go with hosted services and applications in place of on-premises services and applications as a way to reduce spending.

Next, Baia asked about Infinity Network Solutions’ seminar series Tech Tartare. The next seminar, entitled Bistro and Backup, is scheduled for Apr. 26, 2012. Regardless of the topic, all of the seminars are designed to educate small- and medium-business executives about technology, help them embrace it and make better use of it in their day-to-day operations. This provided a nice segueway into a discussion about the importance of having the help of IT professionals.

Especially in today’s economy, many small-business owners simply can’t afford to hire on-staff IT professionals. But their businesses can’t function efficiently if no one is taking care of the business’ technology needs. It’s important, Betzel said, for small- and medium-business owners to find managed services providers to help them maintain business continuity, employee productivity and facilitate business growth.

Besides helping business leaders with the usual technology issues like system monitoring and alerts, Infinity Network Solutions also offers print solutions. Copiers aren’t just copiers anymore. They’re faxes and printers, too, which often makes them the responsibility of IT teams. So, Infinity Network Solutions will analyze how a client uses printing, copying and faxing to do business every day and then suggest how the client can reduce the overall cost of these functions.

Although consultations are fee based, Betzel stressed that there’s no obligation for a business leader to choose the Infinity Network Solutions team to provide the solutions they suggest.

Finally, the conversation turned to the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and its plans to establish a hub in Middle Georgia. A fan of the organization, Betzel expressed his interest in helping TAG establish itself in his part of the state and then leverage the organization as a way to introduce local technology business leaders to each other, which would open the door for future collaborations. He also thinks that TAG would be an excellent resource for small- and medium-business owners who a looking for managed services providers or other technology professionals.

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