Infinity's Brian Betzel to Attend Cisco Small Business Advisory Board Meeting - Infinity Network Solutions

Macon, GA April 19, 2013 – Information technology is one of those industries where professionals who want to achieve the highest levels of success must be committed to regularly updating their skills and knowledge. Earning the respect of strategic partners is a step in the right direction. Just ask Infinity Network Solutions’ Executive VP of Sales and Marketing Brian Betzel.

Brian will attend Cisco’s Small Business Advisory Board meeting, which will take place in Naples, Florida April. 23-25, 2013. Not just anyone can attend these events. Of the approximately 40 dealers who were nominated by their Cisco colleagues, Brian was among the privileged few who were accepted into the SMB Advisory Board program.

“Cisco has been such a good partner of ours over the last several years, and I feel our participation in the SMB Advisory Board stregthens the partnership more every year,” said Betzel.

Realizing the importance of their small-business partners, Cisco, which is best known for its work with large enterprises, has started focusing more on small and medium businesses and their unique needs and the unique needs of their clients and customers.

The three-day event will cover such things as accelerating business for partners that serve the SMB market, the movement of collaboration from device-centric to people-centric, how to adapt to market changes and much more.


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