Infinity Network Solutions & Commercial Furnishings Create a Partnership That Benefits Businesses, Large and Small - Infinity Network Solutions

When it comes to meeting the needs of businesses in Macon and Middle Georgia, the tag team of Commercial Furnishings and Infinity Network Solutions offers Total Office Solutions to help promote corporate cultures and create efficiencies throughout the region.

Commercial Furnishings

Commercial Furnishings is Middle Georgia’s leading provider for many high quality manufacturers of office furnishings including Steelcase, Coalesse, Paoli, La-Z-Boy Contract, Indiana Desk and many others.

Specializing in workplace solutions and office furnishings such as panel systems, wood and modular furniture, ergonomic chairs, custom workspaces, filing and storage systems, and so much more, Commercial Furnishings provides office design and interior solutions to meet the needs of any modern, demanding business.

Commercial Furnishings is no stranger to working with and providing complete solutions to businesses of all kinds.  “One very interesting project involved designing benches with handcuffs as well as freezers for keeping crime-scene material frozen for the Warner Robins LEC,” explains Bruce Johnson, Owner of Commercial Furnishings.  “Our company mantra is ‘We Furnish Solutions’, and the LEC project demonstrates our commitment to this way of doing business.”

The Importance of Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in allowing Commercial Furnishings to meet their clients’ particular needs.  Before engaging with Infinity Network Solutions, Commercial Furnishings relied on various technology companies in Middle Georgia that didn’t address the needs of the operation fully. Commercial Furnishings knew their I.T. performance lacked efficiency, and they sought out to address this gap in their business operation.

“The best thing Infinity has done is set us up on their Help Desk,” says Johnson,.  “When one of our employees has a computer problem or a technology issue, Infinity logs in to our system and takes care of problem remotely and promptly. Downtime has been minimal and it’s worked out wonderfully!” Johnson exclaimed.

Why Fixed-Cost IT Services Work for Commercial Furnishings

Businesses are always searching for innovative ways to save money, promote efficiencies and create competitive advantages.  One way many businesses in Macon and Middle Georgia have accomplished these goals is by subscribing to the idea that I.T. can enhance the organizational mission, not just be a cost center to the operation.

Commercial Furnishings leverages Infinity’s I-SUPPORT Managed I.T. Services Program– an all-inclusive technical support package designed to meet the budgets of both large and small businesses.

“We know monthly and annually what our technology costs will be,” Johnson says.  “This gives us a heads up on when we need to replace certain technologies and pieces of equipment.  It’s worked out perfect for us.”

Safeguarding Data Is Essential

Infinity Network Solutions provides Commercial Furnishings with a robust business-continuity and disaster-recovery solution.  This reliable backup solution provides peace of mind for Mr. Johnson, and he values the importance of ensuring all his company’s business data is safeguarded and secure at all times.

“Without having Infinity’s backup solution, I can’t even imagine what life would be like if we lost all our data.” Johnson explains.  “Commercial Furnishings relies on all our current and past customer data.  We have an abundance of annuity revenues, and archiving customer information allows us to see the entire history of orders and services.  Prior to Infinity, we didn’t have a ‘good enough’ contingency plan.

How Infinity Network Solutions Made Mr. Johnson’s Life Easier

As a small business, Johnson enjoys having an excellent working relationship with Infinity Network Solutions. Employees enjoy the freedom to call on Infinity whenever I.T. needs arise, minimizing their downtime and maximizing their efficiencies. This arrangement means Mr. Johnson is freed from being the middleman for ” the technology day-to-day”.

Johnson concludes, “We’re in the business of providing commercial office furniture and interior design services to businesses in Macon and throughout Middle Georgia. We’re not in the technology business– we leave this to Infinity, and working with Infinity has been wonderful!”