Hurricane Irma - Infinity Network Solutions

I was 13 years old when I first remember being aware of hurricanes.   It was 1980 and Hurricane Allen was all over the news.  It was a rare category 5 hurricane and I spent 2 weeks in July tracking it.  I watched every news cast I could on it and plotted its every movement and change on a make ship map I had created on a poster board.  We had a radio that you could listen to short wave on and I would tune in ships and cities in the path of the storm and listen to the reports of devastation everywhere the storm went.  I became keenly aware of the crushing force such a storm could have on a community.  How it devastated everything in its path from buildings to infrastructure to people’s lives. It was truly an eye opening event that has forever stuck in my mind.

Now fast forward 37 years to today and there is another category 5 hurricane heading straight towards the continental US.  The storm is already larger than the state of Ohio with sustained winds at its core of 185 mph and it potentially could reach speeds of over 200 mph making it potentially the strongest hurricane to hit the US in almost 90 years.  Hurricane force winds extend more than 150 miles from the eye making the hurricane more than 300 miles wide.   If it makes land at this size and speed the damage will be unimaginable.

37 years ago when Allen made landfall the country’s infrastructure far less complex than it is today.  Things like the internet and cell phones were not an everyday necessity but today they are.  Business did not depend on technology for their existence but today there is not a business out there that doesn’t use technology in some form or fashion and the majority of them today depend on it.

With most business today dependent on technology you might be surprised to discover than a large majority of them don’t have a plan in place for what to do if there business was impacted by a natural disaster.  80% of businesses that suffer a disaster are not in business 12 months later.  That is why proper planning and testing are critical to keeping your business running and able to recover in the event of such devastation.  It is possible to protect all your data even if you lose your facility.  It’s possible to even still conduct business with your data even though everything around you is gone.  Disaster recovery is more than just backups, and its times like now with a category 5 hurricane bearing down on the US that it’s nice to know you have a plan in place.

If you would like to know more about making sure your company is able to survive a disaster contact Infinity Networks and let us help you gain that peace of mind.