How An MSP Protects Your Business Part 1: Hardware & Software - Infinity Network Solutions

Now that we’ve covered what a Managed Service Provider is, let’s take a deeper look into how an MSP protects your company.

Let’s start with some of the simple things first, like how your hardware and software is protected.

Updates and Patches

Okay, this one is boring but absolutely critical. If you ignore all those little boxes in the corner that ask you to update software, you are in big trouble. The reason they pop up isn’t to annoy you (shocker, I know) but because there was a vulnerability identified and the software team made changes to address that issue. Sometimes the updates are frequent, and sometimes they don’t come around for a while. Regardless, you HAVE TO update your software as often as possible. You leave yourself open to attackers if you don’t.

How an MSP protects you: By partnering with an MSP, you’ll always stay up-to-date. Because of systematic maintenance, your technology will be updated when needed. If there are any issues, you have a full support team to help. You won’t ever have to stress about that update again.

New Equipment

You may think that 8-year-old computer is perfectly fine to use, but old equipment can clog networks like hair clogs a drain. We all know that technology advances like the speed of light (hello new iPhone every 6 months), so think about that the next time you look at that 8-year-old piece of machinery.

As much as we may love our laptop we’ve become comfortable with over the years, it’s probably struggling under the weight of running newer and newer programs with its old hardware and software. It’s just the nature of the beast. So identifying those pieces of equipment that don’t make sense anymore really helps streamline your efficiency.

How an MSP protects you: When you partner with an MSP, you’ll get a very thorough audit into your current equipment and network. Pieces that are causing challenges will be identified, along with solutions to make sure those challenges disappear. And, by partnering with an MSP like Infinity Network Solutions, you’ll have refreshed equipment as outlined in the Business Roadmap developed by your Account Consultant. You’ll never run into an 8-year-old computer again, nor will you have to worry about it. With up-to-date equipment running your network and experts overseeing your infrastructure, your organization will use I.T. as the business enabler you need it to be.

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