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Windows 8 is the latest version of the Windows operating system. Touted as the next great thing from Microsoft, Windows 8 is a total change from what many of us are used to. What is new with Windows 8 and how can you enhance your Windows 8 experience?

New dynamic “Live Tiles” have replaced our icons on the desktop, the start menu on your desktop and the START button is gone. Ideal for those who are already using touch devices, Windows 8 brings the best of what we have become accustomed to with our smart phones to our desktops.

Is Windows 8 right for you? A few years ago, Microsoft upset Microsoft Office users when they introduced the Ribbon Bar into Microsoft Office. Today, you can’t take the Ribbon Bar away from Office users, it changed the way we use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all the applications found in Microsoft Office. Windows 8 will have the same impact and perhaps even greater than the Ribbon Bar.

For those users with touch devices, Windows 8 fits perfectly into your world, for us on desktop computers, Windows 8 will take some getting used to.  Many of our applications will continue to function normally, the biggest change is how you access them from the new Windows 8 interface.

How do you use Windows 8 for the greatest impact in your business?

According to an industry blog on TechRadar, Windows 8 offers businesses stronger overall desktop security, better battery life for those on laptops and faster overall startup.

Windows 8 will run on your existing computers. Businesses can upgrade to Windows 8 without having to purchase new hardware. Microsoft promises that any computer that is capable of running Windows 7 will be able to run Windows 8 without upgrading components or adding additional memory or hard drive space.

Like Apple and others, Microsoft is also including an App Store with Windows 8. Windows 8 users can access approved applications that are designed to run on Windows 8 through the App Store.

Do you miss the START button? There are many third-party applications now available to bring back the start button that has been so familiar since Windows 95. The NY Times published an article on what Windows 8 start menu applications are available.

Here is a big tip we can share, it has helped us and it will help you too. Whenever you are stuck, hit the Windows key on your keyboard and this will bring you to the Windows 8 desktop.

Windows 8 for many is a new way of using their computers. There will be frustration from time to time, and we are here to help. Feel free to call Infinity Network Solutions and speak with us about your challenges and successes with Windows 8.