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20 years of Information Technology! … Where has the time gone?
As the Odometer of Time flips to the year 2015, I have to stop and reflect back over the last 2 decades of my career life. . .
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Tis The Season To Question Every Email & Website
I love this time of the year, especially now that I have children. Finding just the right gifts for each person on my list, going out to the stores, looking for great deals on items, bringing them home in my trunk to hide, wrapping and putting them all under the tree is THE BEST!!! Who am I kidding, I am a guy and I hate shopping. But I do love to give and Christmas is a great time to give gifts of gratitude and love to people. I see gift cards as either a gift of request or last resort so I do A LOT if not ALL of my purchasing of gifts online. I know many others that do as well. So what steps should we be taking to protect ourselves both in this season of giving and all year long? Here are four common sense steps we can all take to have a happier and safer life when it comes to using our computers.
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Here We Grow . . . And Why
"If you aren't growing you are dying as a business", is how the old saying goes and although "growth for the sake of growth can be bad" is another old saying; we are in the process of growing. As you may have already heard or read, we have opened an office in Covington, GA and I can tell you this wasn't done without long and thoughtful consideration. I though I would share some of the thinking and consideration with you here as many if not most of you are invested stakeholders in Infinity. The reasoning came down to 2 items around growth; 1) Growth to meet business plan goals and 2) Growth to meet client needs. But first the backstory . . .
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My Life Secured . . . Or Is It?
It seems a day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about another 1.2 bill passwords stolen which sends us all running for the news to see what merchant we interact with or online service we use was effected. I thought I would give you my experience as an end user and business owner on what we have done and how it has affected me personally both positively and negatively. And trust me there is some of both in here.
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Because I Want People To Be More Innovative
How many of you would love to inspire your teams to be more innovative in their thinking? How many of you would love to be able to hire people that come in already thinking innovatively? So would I and for the past number of years we have worked to inspire the next generation of thinkers here at Infinity. We have devoted time and resources to training programs on leadership and personal growth and I will say for the most part it has worked. People are asked to challenge the status quo and when they speak up with ideas we do our best to execute on them. But at the end of the day many of us are still left wanting an outlet or needing more help to get into the innovative mindset.
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We All Want To Be Secure As Long As It’s Not Complicated
Boy it didn’t take long for the first XP security threat to be released after the end of Microsoft’s support of it. But even without the XP anchor tied to many a person and business, the issue of security was already there and will always be there. That is as long as people can profit from causing havoc, stealing information and by using your identity. So what is a person to do when even websites we expect to be able to trust can be vulnerable to security issues? I mean we have all stopped using our children’s birthdates as our passwords, no longer write them down on the bottom of our mouse pads, and for sure have stopped putting them on sticky notes on the side of our monitors. How can we be expected to do enough to protect ourselves and our data when doing anything seems so hard in the first place.
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When Was The Last Time You Had A “Good” Idea?
Ideas are like the spark that starts a fire, if they aren't given focus, resources and space they will just fade away. I can't tell you the number of harebrained ideas I have in one day. But very few ever come to fruition. Mostly because I don't focus on them long enough or with enough energy and resources to make them a reality. Sometimes it's because they are just bad ideas or don't bring enough value to justify the resources. But for those few that really burn in me I take the time to jot them down and begin to work on them. As a leader have you ever stopped and though about how many ideas everyone on your team has daily and what you are doing to help them move from spark to fire? Or worse, what are you doing to snuff them out before they see the light of day? What is that costing you, your team and your organization?
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From Heartbleed To Headache: How To Deal With The Latest Internet Bug
By now you have probably heard of the next big vulnerability since Heartbleed. If you are running Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser, you are likely vulnerable.
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OpenSSL Heartbleed
In case you missed the Facebook trending posts, news reports, radio spots, and blog posts on the Internet there is now a new bug out there that you should know about. No, this bug is not a virus or a scam but a major invasion into your privacy. This vulnerability has been around for two years but was discovered only on Monday, April 7, 2014. By now, I am sure that you are asking yourself, "What is this new bug and why should I worry about it?" The bug’s official name is CVE-2014-0160, also known as the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug.
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