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The Only Thing Inevitable In Life Is Change
Welcome to 2016!  This stands to be one of the most exciting or terrifying years in my life depending on how I look at it.  But either way change is coming and I have to decide how to approach it.  Recently someone said to me change comes in one of two forms, change because pain…
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Boy How Time Flies!
With a title like that I bet you think I am going to kick the “end of 2015 start of 2016” horse one more time don’t you? Well not this time, instead I wanted to use this space this month to reflect on how technology has changed and influenced me over my 40 years of…
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What I’ve Learned from Hearing David Cumming’s Story
I had the privilege of attending the Mercer University Executive Forum the other night to listen to David Cumming speak about innovation and entrepreneurship. He told his story of starting businesses and supporting entrepreneurs in Atlanta and Georgia. He tried to make some important points for where Macon could go if it embraced startups and…
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Going SLOW to Go FAST
Welcome officially to Q4 2015.  Time flies when your busy with your head down working hard each day both at work and at home.  So much so we can go a long time without really stopping to look at where we have been, where we want to go and whether we are on track to…
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Doing The Same Thing Expecting Different Results?
How many of us have continued to do something in hopes of what we want the outcome to be will all of a sudden just happen?  I know I’ve used this thinking from time to time.  Putting on an old pair of pants and just hoping “Maybe this time they will fit” even though I…
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall . . .
First, welcome to the middle of Q3 2015.  Yep we aren’t just half way through the year we are half way through Q3 for the year.  I continue to be amazed with the fact that no one has found a way to get a few more hours added to each week but until they do…
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Never Eat Alone . . . Not Always The Best Advice
When Keith Ferrazzi titled his book Never Eat Alone I am not sure he meant it literally.  He was trying to get across the power of time spent interacting with people in building great relationships and I agree it is very important to spend time interacting with people well.  We can all do it better both…
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Windows 10 Operating System Upgrade
Recently Microsoft announced the release of their new Windows 10 operating system.  They have taken all of the feedback from previous operating systems and developed a product that they believe to be refined and more user friendly than Windows 8.1.  The upgrade from Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 will be offered as a free upgrade…
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Love Him or Hate Him, John Chambers Will Leave a Legacy
For those of you not directly connected to the IT industry you might not even know who John Chambers is much less that he announced his plan to step down as Cisco Systems CEO after 20 years at the helm. Love him or hate him, or Cisco, you have to be able to reflect on his career and the company he led to learn a few things that you can leverage in your own career and life. For me his legacy and what I have learned from being in the IT industry is that his company has been a giant and breaks down into three things: Vision, Failure and People.
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