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There is a Cost if you DO and a Cost if you DON’T
We get asked to take on responsibilities every day.  Some of the asks are more direction than request but the responsibility is still there.  You get asked to take out the trash, go to dinner with friends, take on a new role at work or contribute to a community organization.  How do we decide whether…
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Will It Rain, Will It Flood, Will My Data Be There?
As I write this, the power is on at work and the drive in this morning was rainy, but otherwise uneventful.  Had Hurricane Hermine tracked a little more north and west, we might have found ourselves on the angry side of the storm.  Weather events tend to raise our awareness around needs for good Business…
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Let’s Come Together Right Now!
If only the words by John Lennon really worked that way, life as a leader would be so much easier.  If this was true each new hire would instantly be 100% on the same page about everything.  But that isn’t true and that is the issue with free will and life experiences, they influence how…
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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? . . . To Windows 10
Unlike in the Clash song I hope you don’t call me Darling when asking the question, but I do hope you have been asking it and for those of you who we provide Managed Services for I hope we have been answering it.  The answer we have given most likely has been, it depends.  There…
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What Gets Measured Gets Managed
As we head into the close of the first half of the year we have been talking a lot about the metrics we use to manage the company.  We use most of the typical ones for finance, sales, operations and service and track most of them on a weekly basis to help see where we…
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Securing the Human
The police department arrests and detains criminals, the fire department puts out fires, doctors treat illnesses; so where do IT professionals fall in a list like this?  I would say they “resolve technical issues”.  Now we can expand each of these groups scopes of work and make it about education, early detection, and prevention.  But…
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Here We Grow Again!
As many of you may have seen last week we are growing.  To be honest we are looking to grow every day, whether that is a new client or a new team member to serve our clients.  Growth is the lifeblood of any small business.  If you aren’t growing you are likely shrinking and that…
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The Internet of Things (IoT) and What It Means For You and Your Business
  Welcome to the world were your car, TV, smoke detector, thermostat, and even your coffee maker connects to the Internet.  Don’t believe me?  Well Gartner says we will have 4.9 BILLION connected devices in use by the end of this year.  This number also includes the usual suspects in the form of our PCs,…
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First Things First
How many of you have that “one thing” you need to get done that you just can’t seem to find the motivation to get done?  Or you realize you have taken on too much to get done with the time you have?  I hate to admit it but I seem to do this all the…
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