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Plan, Test, Execute, Review or How to Handle Business Continuity Planning
For those of you that read this from say California or Michigan on September the 11th Hurricane Irma passed through the state of Georgia.  It was predicted to be one of the most powerful storms to reach our state in quite a while.  We had wide spread loss of property, utilities and life due to the…
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5 Technology Trends That Excite and Scare Me
For those of you who don’t know me, I confess I’m a techno nerd and lover of all things shiny and new in that world. I was an early adopter of the Palm Pilot and its wired modem that checked my email “on the go,” and I still love my TiVo as I take up…
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Equifax Data Breach
What actually happened? From the middle of May to July 2017 user’s sensitive information was exposed in a data breach at Equifax.  Equifax is one of three major credit reporting agencies in the United States.  If you have ever had your credit checked, as you likely have, you could be one of 143 million Americans…
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13 Ways Social Media Engages A B2B Audience
I can sense it – some of you read the title and have immediate doubts about social media’s impact on your B2B-focused company. So, I’ll jump right in: social media drives more traffic to your website than search engines do. That’s right! Each month, social media sends more leads to your website than Google, Bing,…
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Hurricane Irma
I was 13 years old when I first remember being aware of hurricanes.   It was 1980 and Hurricane Allen was all over the news.  It was a rare category 5 hurricane and I spent 2 weeks in July tracking it.  I watched every news cast I could on it and plotted its every movement and…
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What would be on my reading list if I was starting a new list
Last month I mentioned wanting to read a book a week in July and August and while it has only been a couple weeks I have been able to stick to that commitment to my personal education.  I will admit to hit a book a week takes some prioritization of my 168 weekly hours.  I…
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Welcome To Summer
As we wind down spring and head into summer many of us long for the beach, the mountains, or maybe the shade of a pool umbrella. During this time, it is ideal to spend a little time learning too.  I think those that aren’t learning are falling behind at any moment.  My plan is to…
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The Call an IT Professional Never Wants to Get From Family
I love to talk with my extended family and hope each time the phone rings from them all is well but when you hear that dreaded sentence after the initial pleasantries, “I need some computer help”; my stomach drops. Not because I don’t want to help, because my life is all about helping people use…
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The only thing Inevitable is Change
This isn’t the first time I have said that here or in real life.  I keep saying it one because it is true and second because I must continue to remind myself to embrace the opportunities that come with change.  Even when at first it looks like the change is all bad and there isn’t…
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