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Businesses throughout Middle Georgia continue to look for the best innovative technologies designed to control technology expenses while improving operating efficiencies and communications. In addition, best-in-class businesses look to a technology partner who can handle “Everything IT” When a leader in the Middle Georgia business community and leading insurance company needed IT advice they could trust, they turned to Infinity Network Solutions to help provide expert guidance.

Founded in 1968, Waites and Foshee Insurance Group is an independent property and casualty insurance agency currently operating three offices throughout Middle Georgia and employs 25 talented team members in Macon, Eastman and Monticello.

Waites and Foshee focuses on taking care of their clients and this attitude shows in the overall company strategy regarding their information technology.

Nothing is left to chance. Full disaster recovery, business continuity and the right IT infrastructure systems are in place. Waites and Foshee has invested wisely to ensure their organization has all the tools to serve the needs of their clients.

Like most business in Middle Georgia, Waites and Foshee requires a technology support partner that mirrors their core values and can support the priorities of the company while guiding them towards successful completion of all goals. Infinity Network Solutions brings just such a commitment and focus to the strategic partnership with Waites and Foshee.

Business Challenges

The insurance industry continues to push the technology innovation envelope. Ease of communication, access to information and growing data storage needs are some of the particular challenges facing insurance organizations across the world.

Waites and Foshee’s first technology issue that needed to be addressed was the ongoing communication challenges across the main and remote offices caused by their aging telephone system. In order to solve this problem, an entirely new idea was necessary… they just needed the right team to implement it.

In addition to the ongoing telecommunication challenges, the insurance industry is also required to keep data and information secured and accessible for up to seven years. The ability to store archived data in a secure environment and yet be able to access it when called upon is a must to maintain client service and meet legal requirements. And, as the database of client records continues to grow, the use of paper files becomes untenable. Paper files are subject to water and other damage and take up a great deal of space when stored for the required time length. Finding the correct file in a labyrinth of boxes is a task many companies dread.

Waites and Foshee, like many best-in-class organizations, has a vision to take their operation paperless. This push towards a paperless operation drives the increased requirement for a comprehensive data backup and security solution.

How Infinity Network Solutions Helps

Infinity Network Solutions first tackled Waites and Foshee’s communication challenges. Leveraging the I-TAP program, Infinity deployed a state-of-the-art telephone system facilitating an investment in needed technology without upfront capital expenditure. By leveraging I-TAP, Waites and Foshee eliminated high cost as a roadblock to preventing them from making the right IT investment. As a result, Infinity deployed a new IP phone system and successfully removed the previous communications challenges.

Infinity continued to have conversations with the leadership at Waites and Foshee about ways to deal with and resolve a number of technology challenges, including their need for a complete outsourced IT department.

Infinity’s I-SUPPORT program was the next logical piece of the puzzle. I-SUPPORT provides clients with a complete IT management and technology support solution, thus allowing clients to focus on their business without technology getting in the way.

Besides helping to ensure user IT challenges are addressed in an expedient manner, I-SUPPORT provides a completely managed business continuity solution. This was another area of concern for Waites and Foshee and an important lesson they learned from their previous technology experiences.

Aligning with requirements of keeping, securing and accessing information for seven years, Waites and Foshee now has a complete backup, disaster recovery and business continuity service. Now the management team has peace of mind knowing all their business information is safe and secure. Waites and Foshee is completely confident all their data is protected.

Why Infinity Network Solutions?

“We got an education in IT the hard way,” said Hal Foshee, President of Waites and Foshee Insurance Group. After outgrowing their internal IT staff and experiencing issues with other outsourced IT firms, Foshee and his team learned important lessons on what technologies the firm needed to invest in and how crucial having the right IT partner is to the company’s success. Infinity’s approach simply made sense and provided Waites and Foshee with a complete IT solution including future planning, IT guidance, business strategy and around-the-clock IT support.

Infinity meets all the requirements set down by Waites and Foshee. “Infinity is there for us when we need help,” said Jean Stroud, Office Administrator. “We might be open 8-5 but we continue to work after that, and so does Infinity. That’s very important to us.”

“We have been with Infinity since 2008 and they not only have helped us oversee and manage our existing technology, they have also helped us assess and plan a complete transition to the cloud”, concluded Foshee.

Mr. Foshee and the entire team no longer have to worry about their IT network. They have confidence in their selection of Infinity Network Solutions as their trusted IT partner. “I don’t have to worry about our IT anymore. I have confidence knowing that Infinity knows what they are doing and they are overseeing our network just as if they were our IT department,” Foshee continued.

What Is Next For Waites and Foshee

Waites and Foshee is moving their IT infrastructure to a predominantly cloud-based offering starting in 2013. Adoption of this cloud strategy will help streamline their operation efficiencies, maximize productivity, enhance communications and help control IT expenses.

“The insurance industry is going less brick and mortar, so cloud-based services make sense for our business.” Infinity Network Solutions is guiding and quarterbacking this initiative for Waites and Foshee as they march forward towards their cloud-based business model.

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