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Trimax Medical Now Depends on Infinity Network Solutions To Build and Support Their IT Infrastructure

Infinity Network Solutions was introduced to the principals of Trimax Medical Management by local architect Azar-Walsh, who was working with Trimax to search for office locations and architectural ideas for their operations. When the principals of Trimax visited Infinity’s office for a tour of their facility, Infinity proposed the idea of assisting Trimax with their IT needs.

Infinity Network Solutions provides fully managed IT Services to Trimax Medical Management. Trimax is the managing entity for two medical device companies—Smisson-Cartledge Biomedical LLC and Southern Spine LLC. Trimax was established and incorporated in Georgia, and is owned by a local neurosurgeon.

According to Marguerite Parker, Vice President of Human Resources for Trimax:

“Infinity is very responsive and gets the job done promptly. If we have an urgent need to have a system up and running, they’re very good about working with us to accomplish that, which has certainly made my life significantly easier. Infinity is ‘Everything IT’ to Trimax!”

Marguerite and the team at Trimax are confident that Infinity has complete knowledge of their IT infrastructure and knows what they need for support. She reports that Infinity is extremely proactive, and that if IT issues do occur, she just calls Infinity and they handle the problem immediately. Now, the team at Trimax no longer worries about IT problems and can focus their energies and budget on engineers, sales people and other professionals to get their medical devices off to market.

Infinity Brings Value to Trimax

Infinity Network Solutions provides complete IT Service to Trimax—managing, maintaining, supporting and troubleshooting all aspects of their IT environment. Infinity leverages all of the leading industry tools to monitor the health of Trimax’s IT assets. They collect all of the relevant information that correlates with their IT environment, and creates an easy-to-understand monthly report that is sent to Trimax.

With the guidance from their assigned Infinity Account Manager, Susan Huellemeier, IT issues are no longer a primary concern for Marguerite. Susan completes all IT project updates and strategic planning sessions with Marguerite. For Marguerite this means no extra HR costs associated with hiring IT employees, and her staff no longer worries or complains to her about IT issues.

Susan is a huge help to Marguerite:

“I like having one contact to be able to call if we’re thinking about a technology purchase, and to get this direction from Susan and Infinity has been a big plus for us! Susan and I have a good working relationship, we even meet with each other outside of work, and take the time to strategize for future IT plans.” 

Trimax and Marguerite Love I-TAP

Infinity’s I-TAP Program provides hardware-as-a-service for healthcare organizations, allowing businesses to stay up-to-date with their technology without breaking their budget. Marguerite explains:

“When you need to make significant IT purchases, you build up credits that can be applied to them. This way we can defer capital investment in technology. We had to purchase a server, and it ended up costing us next to nothing because of the credits we had built up!”

With Infinity Network Solutions’ I-TAP Program Trimax can utilize all of the best hardware, including servers, firewalls, workstations and other IT equipment— for one monthly price.

“It keeps us from having to take resources away from product development, marketing or other operations that we need to reach our goals. Our focus right now is getting our products to market, and ensuring our business grows. Having the I-TAP Program is very beneficial for us, because it allows us to stay current with our technology, without making a huge cash outlay. Once something gets old, or needs to be replaced, we can use the I-TAP Program to replace it. It’s great!” exclaimed Marguerite.

Trimax Relies on Infinity’s I-SUPPORT Program

Infinity Network Solutions provides a fixed-cost managed services program called I-SUPPORT, which allows Trimax Medical Management to budget all of their IT expenses so they can better plan for ongoing and future IT expenditures.

And their backup and recovery system is no longer a worry for them. Marguerite says that the impact and costs associated with not having a proper backup and recovery system in place would be significant.

“It’s been a huge benefit to us, having Infinity take care of our back up, and to recover data if we lose anything. We feel a lot more comfortable with Infinity taking on that role for us; it’s taken away a huge burden that we were constantly dealing with. Infinity always seeks to improve the way they do things. Trimax is light years ahead in IT from where we were before Infinity,” she said.

Marguerite is Happy—Trimax is Happy—Infinity is Happy!

Trimax Medical Management is clearly happy with their business relationship with Infinity Network Solutions, and they’re not alone. Brian Betzel, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Infinity Network Solutions, says:

“We’ve gained more than just a profitable relationship by having Trimax as a client. We’ve gained an insight into the healthcare vertical in industry, that we hadn’t gained working with healthcare practices. We’re now able to leverage this newly gained knowledge into opportunities within other areas within the healthcare industry.” 

About Infinity Network Solutions

Infinity Network Solutions is a Macon-based Information Technology services company offering a variety of products and solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and public sector agencies throughout the state of Georgia. The company assists organizations in reaching their maximum potential through best-in-class implementation and management of technology.