THE BRICKYARD - Infinity Network Solutions


When the leaders of one of Macon’s premiere Golf Clubs needed to replace an aging telephone system, they turned to Macon’s top IT support company, Infinity Networks Solutions, for support and guidance.

Discreetly tucked away on the outskirts of Macon, the Brickyard at Riverside is recognized as one of the finest golf courses in the state of Georgia.  Like many businesses and organizations throughout Middle Georgia, the Brickyard relies on technology to help the club with many of its marketing activities, accounting and ensuring that all sales are accurately recorded.

“Everything is done on the computer,” said club general manager Luis Pardal. Pardal turned to Infinity Network Solutions to help ensure all of the club’s business technology is taken care of.

“Infinity makes a difference,” he said.

Infinity’s Solution

Hired first to replace the Brickyard’s aging telephone system, Infinity Network Solutions assessed all of the club’s communication services, which included a thorough analysis of all telephone charges. It also included internal access along with local and long distance services. This exercise ensured that any unnecessary or extra fees were identified, allowing the Brickyard to cut these services and allocate funds to the new telephone system.

Infinity recommended a Unified Communications system, which provided immediate cost savings and improved staff efficiency. The Cisco UC500 system provided the perfect foundation for the Brickyard to better serve members and guests of the club.

In addition to providing a new telephone system, Infinity also vetted new Internet service providers that were offering more reliable and stable connectivity to the Internet. The Brickyard uses its IT systems for many of its marketing activities, correspondence with members and suppliers, and for communication services. A reliable high-speed Internet provider was a must. Infinity upgraded the Internet services from DSL to high-speed cable and now the Brickyard has a reliable connection to the online world.

Infinity Network Solutions continues to provide IT support services for the Brickyard through the I-TAP and I-MONITOR services. This is the perfect solution for the club since it does not employ an internal IT staff. The I-TAP program covers all services and maintenance for the telephone system, and I-MONITOR covers everything else on the computer/data network. This keeps all systems up and running, allowing the Brickyard to take care of members’ needs, market the club’s brand throughout the state of Georgia and ensure that all financials are up to date.

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