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Radiologist Interpretations require the best technology to deliver the best care possible. For Radiology Associates of Macon, technology plays a vital role in the delivery of medical image interpretation services to doctors and specialists throughout Middle Georgia.

Radiology Associates of Macon has been providing quality care to its patients since 1972.

The specialty practice provides referring physicians throughout Middle Georgia a team of trusted consultants who provide interpretation of medical imaging and review. This service results in detailed information about patients or a particular medical condition. Radiology Associates of Macon serves hospitals and outpatient facilities across the region.

The physicians comprising Radiology Associates of Macon are trained at many of the leading universities around the country. The level of medical expertise in Middle Georgia is on par with any major center across the United States. All the physicians, including two radiation therapists, are board certified– all have gone over and above the basic requirements for a radiologist.

Board certified radiologists have specialty training and certificates of additional qualifications in: Neuroradiology, Pediatric Radiology, Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, CT/MRI.

How Does Radiology Associates of Macon Use IT Across the Organization?

Technology provides an essential service for everyone on the Radiology Associates of Macon team. All locations connect through a central, state-of-the-art datacenter. Consultants in the field connect using Virtual Private Networks, Point-to-Point networks or through Citrix Remote Access Portals to access information on the organization’s network, upload images and interpretations and communicate with peers.

How Do Radiology Associates of Macon and Infinity Network Solutions Work Together?

Infinity Network Solutions provides fully managed IT services to Radiology Associates of Macon. When issues arise, Infinity takes ownership and works through all issues to resolution. Radiology Associates of Macon relies heavily on the expertise of their IT partner, Infinity Network Solutions. According to Greg Cassimus, practice administrator for Radiology Associates of Macon, “Infinity really is our IT department; it’s not just a contracted out service relationship.”

Infinity Network Solutions provides a full-time onsite technical specialist with Radiology Associates of Macon during business hours. “This is what the organization was used to and it was the doctors’ expectation for meeting response times.” Mr. Cassimus said. The issues Radiology Associates of Macon has and has had in the past warrants having a full time person embedded. “We need to a have a face here”, Mr. Cassimus continued.

Electing To Go Local

Working with in-house IT originally, Radiology Associates of Macon made some internal changes and elected to outsource some of their IT services to an Atlanta-based organization. After a period of time, Mr. Cassimus felt “Local was better. Response times were not where we thought they should be and we had some issues with that.” Infinity Network Solutions stepped up and offered a solution tailored to address the needs of the practice. “We were glad that Infinity made a call. We were looking at making a change and Infinity knew our systems. They certainly weren’t strangers to us.” Mr. Cassimus said.

Why does local IT support make sense for Radiology Associates of Macon? “There are a lot of people who have expertise. The next critical factor is the relationship and finally the cost,” Mr. Cassimus offered as to why local IT services makes sense for the needs of the practice.

What Is the Value of Infinity’s I-SUPPORT Program?

In their prior IT relationship, Radiology Associates of Macon would get a series of bills for consulting work without much explanation of what service was rendered. Infinity Network Solutions stepped in to provide a fixed-cost managed services program called I-SUPPORT. This approach allowed Radiology Associates of Macon to budget all IT expenses month-over-month, year-over-year.

In addition to making technology support a known quantity, Infinity Network Solutions also provides strategy and helps steer IT direction for Radiology Associates of Macon.

“If IT goes down, their business stops,” says Infinity Network Solutions President and CEO Rob Betzel. Mr. Betzel consults with Radiology Associates of Macon on IT direction, future planning and overall strategy. At each phase, “IT really matters to this organization.” Mr. Betzel concluded.

How Has Working With Infinity Network Solutions Made Life Better?

Greg Cassimus appreciates the dedication that Infinity Network Solutions brings to the relationship “There is a high level of competence and a high level of trust”. Radiology Associates of Macon depends on Infinity to provide expertise and provide the right information and guidance at the ground floor in order to make information technology decisions at the practice level.

Why I-SUPPORT From Infinity Network Solutions?

Infinity Network Solutions is redefining technology’s place in business operations and strategy. With a managed IT services partnership from Infinity Network Solutions, partner organizations receive not only the technical support and advice the staff requires, the leadership team also receives in-depth business/technology consulting with which to plan for the future.

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