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About Our Client

Piedmont Orthopaedic has helped individuals rehabilitate from various injuries dating back to 1950 when Dr. Walter Barnes began the practice. An essential aspect of their patient care is quality communication. With an increasing volume of patients, Piedmont sought a way to unify and upgrade its voice, data and computing systems to continue providing the outstanding service for which the practice is known.


Yet behind the scenes, Piedmont Orthopaedic’s communications technology was anything but healthy. Its voice, data and computing systems were in need of an upgrade – especially with the government mandate for universal adoption of electronic health records (EHR). Too much downtime was robbing staff of productivity. There was also another issue.

“We outsource the management of all of our technology,” says Amanda Turner, office manager at Piedmont Orthopaedics. “In this case, though, we had one supplier for voice, another for email, still another for desktop computing and so on. If a problem involved two technologies, it could be difficult to track down and correct. It was very frustrating for our users.”

With no known candidates already in mind, Turner went to her local Chamber of Commerce. That’s where she met Infinity Network Solutions, a Cisco Premier Certified partner.


After an initial review of Piedmont’s current state, Infinity recommended a number of upgrades, including moving to a Cisco phone system with unified communications, replacing all servers as well as nearly all user computers, and reinstalling nearly 100 percent of the infrastructure equipment for voice and data communications. Infinity also showed how its managed IT services practice could provide management of hardware, software and infrastructure through a single source.


“Everything went very smoothly,” Turner says. “The learning curve for the office staff was very short, too. They went to the Infinity Network Solutions office in small groups for training, and everyone got up to speed right away.”

In addition to the technology needs, another big consideration for Piedmont Orthopaedic was the cost. That’s where Infinity Network Solutions was able to provide an innovative answer. The Infinity Technology Assurance Program (I-TAP), a proprietary IT rental program, allowed the practice to complete the upgrades for “a near net-zero” cost. And by Infinity offering fixed rather than per-use costs for the IT help desk, phone and network support, Piedmont Orthopedic is able to budget reliably instead of having to guess what technology support will cost each month.

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