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Infinity Network Solutions teams up with Cisco Systems to bring networking resources consisting of high speed Ethernet networking and secure wireless technologies to all patrons of the Peach Public Libraries.

When Peach Public Libraries, with locations in Byron & Fort Valley, GA, required wired and wireless access for all library users, they commissioned a Request For Proposals (RFP) to firms across Georgia. Infinity Network Solutions quickly responded.

Infinity Network Solutions partnered with Cisco Systems to present a complete end-to-end communications solution that not only met the current Peach Public Libraries’ requirements for both a high-speed Local Area Network and Wireless Networking but also provided the foundation for future expansion as needed.

Infinity Network Solutions rose to the challenge of provisioning a secure, stable and scalable network covering over 6500 square feet. In addition, Peach Public Libraries needed a reliable solution to meet a critical requirement of validating against each patron’s library membership status. When verified, visitors to the libraries were then able to access the Internet and library resources through library computers or their own wireless devices.

Infinity Network Solutions deployed Cisco 2960 10/100/1000 network switches at each location enabling high speed connections across the local area network. In addition, Cisco 2106 Wireless LAN controllers were deployed to manage wireless capabilities inside the libraries and offer limited access outside of the building to the Internet and library resources.

“We are very excited to have wireless Internet service available for our patrons,” said Peach Public Libraries Assistant Director Billy Tripp. “I really appreciate all that the Infinity team does to support the delivery of services to our library users.”

About Peach Public Libraries

The Peach Public Libraries system is committed to promoting knowledge, understanding and wisdom and combating ignorance, intolerance and indifference by making the best possible library resources, personnel and facilities available.

With our participation in the Georgia Library PINES program, the Peach Public Libraries serve not only the citizens of Peach County but also library users of more than 275 libraries and affiliated service outlets in almost 140 counties across the state.

How Infinity Network Solutions Helps Non-Profits

Infinity Network Solutions provides Information Technology solutions to non-profit organizations throughout Georgia. We understand the importance of having technology solutions that meet all the needs of users and staff while keeping the costs related to technology under control. Our fixed-fee IT services are the ideal solution for non-profits, allowing for accurate, annual budgeting of your expenditures.

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