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The Geo. D. Warthen Bank is rich in history.  Shortly after returning from the Civil War, Mr. Geo. D. Warthen entered the mercantile business in partnership with Jeff A. Irwin, Sr. and began business in a building on West Haynes Street.

In 1871, a rear corner of the building was partitioned off and they entered the banking business under the name of Warthen & Irwin, Bankers, private bank, not incorporated.

This firm grew and continued to operate until 1915, at which time Mr. Jeff A. Irwin Sr. withdrew from the partnership. Subsequently, Mr. Warthen operated under the name of The Geo. D. Warthen Bank, private bank, not incorporated, until his death in 1927.

Early in 1928, a state banking charter was obtained and the bank continued to operate as The Geo. D. Warthen Bank. In 1932, a national charter was obtained and the bank’s name became The Geo. D. Warthen National Bank. The bank continued to operate as a national bank until the mid-fifties, when the national charter was surrendered and a new state charter obtained. The bank has operated as a state chartered bank since that time.

Today the bank is the oldest in Washington County and enjoys a reputation as a leading business in both the county and surrounding area.


In 2014, Infinity Network Solutions acquired CompuNet, Inc., a full service networking and internet solutions provider in Macon, Georgia.  The Geo. D. Warthen Bank became a client of Infinity’s during this acquisition.  Lamar Doolittle, the CIO/COO at The Geo. D. Warthen Bank worked closely with all parties involved during this time.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the change.  Brian Betzel from Infinity came to meet with me before the acquisition was final and I could tell that Infinity was very professional and had their act together.” Lamar explained


Before transitioning to Infinity, CompuNet had done mostly server support and project work for The Geo. D. Warthen Bank.  Since working with Infinity, they have virtualized 90% of the network making it possible to reduce their hardware footprint when they needed to downsize to one location.  They have also made the migration to Office 365 with tremendous end user satisfaction.  However, Infinity has brought much more to The Geo. D. Warthen Bank and its staff than project work.

Security is a major concern for the banking industry.  They are heavily regulated at the state and federal level and therefore are subject to annual audits from each.  For that reason, The Geo. D. Warthen Bank has taken advantage of Infinity’s I-SECURE program.  I-SECURE is a state-of-the-art service that proactively searches for security vulnerabilities and fixed them before becoming an issue.

“I-SECURE has been a great tool for our patch management and for detecting threats or issues before they have a chance to affect anything.” Lamar explained.

Along with security, another major factor in the audits they face is backup and disaster recovery.  Infinity Network Solutions provides The Geo. D. Warthen Bank with a robust business-continuity and disaster-recovery solution and they have even put it to the test.

“We recently tested the backup solution by doing a full spin-up of the device as if we had lost everything in the office.  It went off perfectly and Infinity was there they whole time to make sure things went smooth.” Lamar described.

Infinity’s Wow Factor!

Infinity Network Solutions I-SUPPORT program is developed for organizations with and without on-staff IT personnel.  In the case of The Geo. D. Warthen Bank they have Lamar as the on-staff IT personnel and Infinity has been able to work alongside him as a great team.

“Infinity provide great backup not just for our equipment but if I need to go on vacation or if anything were to happen to me I know the bank would be in good hands with Infinity.”  Lamar explained.

Infinity Network Solutions is redefining technology’s place in business operations and strategy. The Geo. D. Warthen Bank receives not only the technical support and advice the staff requires, but they also receive in-depth business/technology consulting with which to plan for the future.

“It’s great to have a team behind me when creating budgets and planning for the future.  It used to be a job I had to do all on my own.  Our vCIO has played a vital role in helping out with this and we’ve build a great working relationship.” Lamar said.


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