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Crisis Line & Safe House is a nonprofit agency serving family violence, sexual assault, and stalking victims and their children in Central Georgia.  The mission of Crisis Line & Safe House is to provide community crisis intervention as well as safe shelter, comprehensive support and recovery services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and to educate the community about the cycle of violence and its prevention.

The Situation

Crisis Line & Safe House had managed their I.T. needs well with the help of volunteer support for years but with growth in their future the Executive Director, Dee Simms knew they would soon need a more structured support system for their technology needs.  Potential security threats and aging equipment were also a concern, as they had no real security or backup system for hardware failure in place.  Having worked with Infinity Network Solutions in years previous, Dee was certain they could provide guidance and the I.T. structure they required.

Why Infinity Network Solutions:  Two Business Friendly Programs

Infinity’s I-TAP Program provides hardware-as-a-service for organizations, allowing businesses to stay up-to-date with technology without breaking their budget.  Dee explains:

We have taken advantage of Infinity’s I-TAP program for years and on different projects.  They were actually able to save us money during the install of a new phone system.”

With Infinity Network Solutions’ I-TAP Program Crisis Line & Safe House can utilize all of the best hardware, including servers, firewalls, workstations, phone systems and other IT equipment— for one monthly price.

Infinity Network Solutions provides a fixed-cost managed services program called I-SUPPORT, which allows Crisis Line & Safe House access to not only the technical support and advice the staff requires, but they also receive in-depth business/technology consulting with which to plan for future growth.

“We are largely a grant funded organization so having a fully planned out technology budget and being able to predict the cost is so important us.  And having a technology expert available to call when we need them is priceless,” Dee explained.

Infinity’s Wow Factor!

“Everyone at Infinity has always been nice and professional to all of my staff and that really means a lot. They understand that technology is not our area of expertise; they don’t “talk down” to us but listen and work to come up with viable, affordable solutions for our needs,” Dee said.

Infinity Network Solutions is committed to a process that ensures organization’s needs are understood fully, designed for properly, deployed successfully, and supported faithfully long term.  By following that process with Crisis Line & Safe House, they have built a very mutually happy business relationship.

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