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The administration at Crawford County Schools knows the approach to educating its students is ever-evolving. Technology plays a crucial role in the engagement between students and teachers, and the Crawford County School District sought to partner with an Information Technology specialist to help shape its educational environment. That’s why when the time came to revamp the foundation of technology for the school district, Infinity Network Solutions was called upon to get the job done.

Situation & Challenges

“We weren’t getting the maximum potential out of technology, nor were we able to take full advantage of the bandwidth provided by the state of Georgia,” explains Carmen Wilson, Technology Director of Crawford County School District. “It was important that we address the various bottlenecks and limitations in the foundation of our technology infrastructure.”

Crawford County Schools

The Crawford County School District is a small, rural K-12 school system located in the heart of Georgia. Roberta, Georgia is located 25 miles west of Macon, 55 miles east of Columbus and 85 miles south of Atlanta. Its mission is “to provide each student with a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.”

About the Project

Crawford County Schools expressed the need to have a comprehensive review of the state of technology in use in the district. As such, Infinity Network Solutions conducted a Technology Assessment that focused on infrastructure, host devices/servers and applications. The resulting information from that assessment served to provide a roadmap for upgrade and overhaul of the technology environment.

“Infinity came in and did a thorough assessment of our technology. After the assessment, we were able to establish what technologies we needed in order to have a more optimally-performing environment,” said Wilson.

Implementing a New Foundation

Crawford County Schools and Infinity agreed on the design of a network foundation built upon Cisco’s advanced wired and wireless technologies. Wiring closets were overhauled to provide high-speed connections to all endpoints throughout the buildings, and wireless network access was accomplished through intelligent, high-speed access points. This network foundation will allow for change and expansion as future needs of the school system dictate. The obsolescence of the previous technologies will be avoided by continued partnership between Crawford County Schools and Infinity.

In Conclusion

“Wow! What can I tell you about Infinity? They are one of the best companies I’ve ever been around. They are good people, they have a real knowledge base and they’re a pleasure to work with,” concludes Wilson.

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