The need for quality IT systems is crucial for healthcare organizations across Georgia. Infinity Network Solutions provides specialized IT services to help Atlanta-based CMED stabilize the business’ network and extend the life of its EMR solutions.

About Our Client

The Center For Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetes (CMED) has been in business since 1992 and employs a staff of 25 professions who support the practice’s 9 physicians. Based in Atlanta’s St. Joseph’s Hospital, CMED provides quality care for its patients in the areas of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetes.

Why Infinity Network Solutions?

CMED required a trustworthy IT support  provider that specialized in EMR technologies and understood the unique requirements of healthcare organizations. Infinity Network Solutions jumped into action to resolve a number of issues that CMED’s prior IT support organization either band-aided or simply could not resolve.

“We just had a gut feeling they were the best group,” said CMED Administrator Felicia Rosenberger.

Understanding the Needs of Healthcare in Georgia

Infinity Network Solutions was referred to CMED because of the company’s extensive experience with eClinicalWorks (ECW), CMED’s electronic medical record (EMR) solution. CMED needed to resolve immediate network challenges that were causing productivity issues for the staff and ultimately compromised patient care.

“They worked through our challenges with ECW,” Rosenberger said.

The Best Hardware For One Monthly Price

Many healthcare organizations across Georgia are in the same predicament:  They require updated technologies for their EMR systems to work properly. Understanding the specific requirements of ECW and how it uses network resources was key.

Infinity recommended new servers and network infrastructure solutions. ECW communicates extensively across the network, so having the right network backbone is essential. Infinity Network Solutions recommended three Hewlett Packard (HP) servers with Windows 2008 Server.

Why I-TAP?

I-TAP provides a means for businesses to stay current with all technology without bursting their budgets.

“You don’t have to spend a large amount of money right away,” Rosenberger said. “We were comfortable working with Infinity Network Solutions– their approach to our projects didn’t require a large purchase upfront, which allowed us to be more financially responsible.”

The I-TAP program provides hardware-as-a-service for healthcare organizations. This service from Infinity Network Solutions provides all the best hardware, including workstations, servers, firewalls and other IT equipment for one monthly price versus a large capital cost upfront.

Ongoing Support

With I-TAP, managed IT services from Infinity are included in the fixed monthly service cost. In addition to having the best hardware available, Infinity Network Solutions provides the support required to keep a leading healthcare provider fully functional.

Infinity’s service desk provides level 2 and 3 support to aid the internal IT resources at CMED. Many of Infinity’s services are delivered remotely without the need to be present on site.

Infinity provides CMED with a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) who meets monthly to review all support issues and help CMED with its IT budget and upcoming plans. These regularly scheduled CIO discussions keep the practice ahead of the curve with .IT. and ensure that technology is adequately designed and supported so that future business plans are supportable.

Infinity Network Solutions is proud to count CMED among its valued clients and looks forward to aiding the practice as the healthcare industry continues to evolve.

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