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It is never too late for businesses to make the leap to “good IT” Appling Brothers has provided services in Macon for decades. The core principles haven’t changed since their inception; today, they just do it with the best IT solutions and support from an innovative business partner.

A Rock Solid Foundation

Appling Brothers has been a respected leader throughout Middle Georgia since 1951. A few of their notable projects include Bass Pro Shop in north Macon and the Medical Center of Central Georgia downtown. As the leading site developer serving Macon and the surrounding region, Appling Brothers’ foundation is built upon longevity, reliability and dependability.

Often, Appling Brothers is the first onsite and the last to leave a project. According to company principal Al Bridges, “We usually start good and end even better.” Their services include getting a development site ready for construction and wrapping it up with the finishing work of paving, landscaping and other core functions to complete the development.

A Need For Better IT Solutions

Tisha Amerson, Office Administrator for the organization, has a lot on her plate every day keeping this busy company organized. In addition, Ms. Amerson has usually played the role of the IT administrator and primary technician. Outside of their Internet Service Provider, Appling Brothers was without a trusted IT support company to turn to for help. With a long list of other jobs to focus on, Ms. Amerson needed someone who could help her focus on her other duties instead of supporting the company’s technology.

Like other leading businesses throughout Middle Georgia, Appling Brothers recognized technology’s role in their mission to remain competitive in the marketplace. When the company’s principal decision makers realized they needed better consistency in their IT performance, they engaged the area’s leading IT business partner.

Infinity Network Solutions initiated discussions on how Appling Brothers’ business could logically make the transition into modern technologies, including providing a detailed assessment of their current IT situation and recommendations on process improvement.

After conducting this thorough assessment of the business environment, Infinity provided detailed recommendations to upgrade their aging Microsoft peer-to-peer network with technology that would not leave Appling Brothers burdened with a large upfront capital cost to do so. The Infinity Technology Assurance Program (aka I-TAP) was the logical choice for Appling Brothers.

Infinity Network Solutions’ I-TAP Program Was A Sound Business Decision

I-TAP is a technology financing solution that provides business with the technology they need today and the flexibility for them to pay for it over a period of time. The program protects against technology’s two biggest pitfalls – True Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Obsolesce. Appling Brother simply budgets a fixed-fee for the acquisition, use and eventual refresh of all their business technology, including computers, servers, printers and network equipment. When employees or systems experience issues, Infinity simply provides the necessary resolution. As is the case with many of Infinity’s other clients, I-TAP has proven to be a winning proposition for Appling Brothers.

By leveraging various technologies from Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and HP, Appling Brothers now has a secured network where all departments can share and collaborate on projects.

One key component of Appling Brothers’ technology makeover includes a cloud-based backup solution. This part of Appling Brothers’ strategy now protects all business data and allows for automated backup of data offsite to a secure data center. In the event of any local data loss, Appling Brothers can recover information easily and accurately.

Security is also no longer a concern. Infinity recommended a business grade Cisco security router/firewall to ensure company resources were protected. Security extends throughout the network with email security solutions preventing spam from clogging email systems and any viruses from infecting systems through a corporate-grade antivirus solution.


Appling Brothers now has a secure business network using best-of-breed and proven technologies, supported by a professional IT firm the business demands.

Ms. Amerson currently enjoys the freedom to focus on her core job duties without the stress and worry of technology. “We are able to rely on Infinity for our technology support needs which allows our staff to be focused on our core business. Any time we have needs for technology support or advice, Infinity is there to help us. They really have made a positive impact on our company.”

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