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When the time came to upgrade an aging Microsoft Small Business Server solution, Middle Georgia’s Andrews, Hammock and Powell knew it was time to call on Infinity Network Solutions to get the job done right.

Andrews, Hammock & Powell, Inc. is a multi-disciplined firm consisting of mechanical and electrical engineers located in Macon, GA. Their goal is to achieve excellence in every assignment. This goal is perfectly aligned with the quality of IT support services Infinity Network Solutions strives to achieve in each of our client engagements.

About the Project

Andrews, Hammock & Powell needed to replace aging hardware technology and update older software, bringing them up to the latest versions of their key line of business software solutions while having a hardware and network platform they can continue to build a business upon.

Infinity Network Solutions determined it was time to replace the aging Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 solution that was close to hitting the capacity of 75 users with a multi-server Windows 2008 server solution leveraging Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology.

Reducing the hardware footprint that existed with the SBS 2003 network, Andrews, Hammock & Powell went from 3 physical servers to 1 physical hardware device running 3 Microsoft Servers on Hyper-V. This allows our client to effectively cut the amount of power drained while also having a virtualized environment allowing for a better backup strategy and reducing management of the complete environment.

Why Infinity Network Solutions

Besides having a deep understanding of the Microsoft products used by our client, Infinity Network Solutions also supported and consulted with Andrews, Hammock & Powell’s leaders about a specific application that they required to transfer large files. Engineering organizations produce enormous amounts of data, and it is often difficult to send files back and forth using email and FTP services. Because of this, Andrews, Hammock & Powell leverages Newforma – a solution designed specifically for engineering and construction organizations to satisfy large file transfer requirements. Newforma was also upgraded to the latest version of code as part of the overall project.

Infinity’s I-TAP program was an attractive solution. Infinity Network Solutions removed the hassles of dealing with technology from part-time IT resource and CAD professional, Marc Schroeder, and now takes care of the daily monitoring and maintenance of the entire network. And having a Macon-based IT services provider is great. In the past, Andrews, Hammock & Powell relied on firms from Atlanta. Each onsite service call resulted in a two-hour drive plus added costs related to the technicians’ travel.

But the key reason Andrews, Hammock & Powell chose Infinity Network Solutions is Infinity’s reputation in Macon as a reliable and trustworthy professional IT services partner.

Infinity’s WOW! Factor

Marc Schroeder prepared the Andrews, Hammock & Powell team for a day of downtime that never happened on migration day. Infinity’s engineering team ensured the SBS 2003 migration to Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010 and all other services went smoothly, making it possible for Schroeder and his team to go about business as usual during the transfer process.

Expertise in projects like this was the key reason no downtime occurred. Strategy was devised to move the entire infrastructure on the Windows Small Business Server to Windows Server that ensured our client never missed a beat. Everything was migrated over, including large Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and other important data.

“Infinity’s depth is amazing. Every Infinity team member who worked on the project was knowledgeable, and things just clicked well. Server migrations will always present hurdles and specific challenges, but Infinity handled them all well.”

Infinity Network Solutions continues to provide IT consulting and support services to Andrews, Hammock & Powell and looks forward to assisting as our client’s business grows and adapts to challenges presented in the world of electrical and mechanical design.

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