Selection Process - Infinity Network Solutions

Selection Process


We at Infinity Network Solutions want people who want to locate and meet new prospects, uncover and understand the prospects’ needs, and help them to understand how our solutions will improve their operations. In other words, we want a motivated self-starter who wants to earn a great living by helping businesses succeed.

At Infinity Network Solutions, we don’t want to waste your time or ours, so we put each promising candidate through a series of interviews and evaluations to ensure that the candidate will be a good fit for the Infinity Network Solutions team and vice versa. So, be prepared to answer a lot of questions and take a lot of notes.


While our process is rigorous, we are determined to treat everyone who walks through our door courteously.

Phone Interview

When we come across promising resumes, we call the candidates on the phone to tell them about Infinity Network Solutions and to ask a few questions about their employment history. These phone calls serve as the preliminary screening process. We never invite candidates to our office unless we have first spoken to them on the phone.

We will ask for references from employers, complete with contact names and phone numbers. These references don’t have to be from experience in the same field or position for which you are interviewing. We want to know each candidate’s level of work experience and anything that shows a desire to work hard and grow.

In-Person Interviews

If a candidate passes the phone interview, we send an email with some very specific instructions. How well the candidate follows the instructions in the email could have an effect on our decision to move forward. After evaluating a candidate’s email response, we decide whether or not to invite the candidate to our office for an in-person interview.

Each candidate who is selected for an in-person interview will receive an email with the date and time of the interview, our office address with directions on how to get here and instructions for what to bring along to the interview. Once again, how well a candidate follows instructions could affect our decision.

Character Interview with Human Resources

At Infinity Network Solutions, we expect our people to have integrity and work as a team. Each candidate sits down with the Human Resources Manager to answer a series of questions that gives us insight into the candidate’s character and personality. This is an important element of figuring out whether someone is a fit for our team.

Upon completion of the interview with our Human Resources Manager, if we feel a candidate is a potential fit, they are scheduled to come back for an interview with the direct manager of the respective department.

Interview with Direct Manager

Each candidate is interviewed by the manager of the respective department for which the candidate is up for potential employment. Here we gauge each person’s skills relative to the position under consideration. This is a vital step in the Infinity Network Solutions screening process because we’re looking for people with well-rounded backgrounds.


During the interview process, a candidate may be required to complete one or two assessments.  These assessments provide more information to HR and the Direct Manager which aids in their decision-making process.  Should you be required to complete an assessment, you will either be notified in person or by telephone with further instructions.

You’re Hired!!

After completing all interviews, management will meet to discuss each candidate. Once a decision has been made, the person who will serve as the candidate’s direct manager offers the candidate the job over the phone. The manager also sends a follow up job Offer Letter via email.

Let us know when you’re ready for a career with us!