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Employee Recognition & Enrichment

Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter, the staff of Infinity Network Solutions submits the names of fellow employees whom they think should be nominated for Employee of the Quarter. The management team considers how well the recommended employees uphold our mission, vision, and values, and then submits the names of those who scored highest in all three areas for further consideration.

PAT HART Employee of the Year

At the end of each year, since the practice began in 2007, Infinity Network Solutions’ management team gets together to select an Employee of the Year from among that year’s Employee of the Quarter winners. Management considers each EOQ winner’s overall performance throughout the year, including how many times each person was nominated for Employee of the Quarter, the reasons staff members gave for nominating him/her, as well as how many votes each EOQ winner received each time he/she was in the running.

The Infinity Network Solutions Employee of the Year award is named in honor of Pat Hart. From 2002 until he retired in 2010, Pat worked in our structured cabling division – designing, installing, and running projects. As our focus on infrastructure services grew, Pat moved up the ranks to become the Field Services Manager, supervising and mentoring others who performed the tasks that Pat himself performed when he first joined the company.

A veteran of the United States Navy who proudly served his country all over the world as part of a submarine crew, Pat, from day one, exemplified all that Infinity Network Solutions looks for in a team player and leader. Upon his retirement from the company, Pat returned to his beloved home state of Florida where you are likely to find him on the waters of the Gulf in search of the day’s fresh catch.

Employee Enrichment

One key contributing factor to the success of Infinity Network Solutions is our commitment to providing staff with ongoing training and education classes on subjects the team finds personally and professionally beneficial. Classes include stress management, work-life balance, and financial budgeting (just to name a few). Experts in their respective field are carefully selected by our management team to lead each session. Because problems outside of the office can affect work performance, Infinity employees also have direct access to our partners for confidential counseling should they need help resolving marital issues, coping with mental health problems, or anything else that may be negatively affecting their professional or personal life.

Employee of the Quarter


  • Ronrico Slack – Q1
  • Clay Hodges – Q2
  • Keenan Malone – Q3
  • Doug Smith – Q4


  • Scott Marlowe – Q1
  • James Schoepf – Q2
  • Anthony Coleman – Q3
  • John Atkins – Q4


  • Jessica Peters – Q4
  • Ronrico Slack – Q3
  • Garry Bean – Q2
  • Nick O’Neal – Q1


  • Jaime Betzel – Q4
  • Harvey Logan – Q3
  • James Schoepf – Q2


  • Nick O’Neal – Q4
  • Susan Huellemeier – Q3
  • DJ Aaron – Q2
  • Jeff Presley – Q1


  • DJ Aaron – Q4
  • Jeremy Tyson – Q3
  • Jessica Savage – Q2


  • Derek Jones – Q4
  • Cal Till – Q3
  • Jessica Savage – Q2
  • Susan Kern – Q1


  • Ashley Staggs – Q4
  • Jamie Storey – Q3
  • Ed Holt – Q2
  • Harvey Logan – Q1


  • Derek Jones – Q4
  • Kevin White – Q3
  • Cal Till – Q2
  • Amy Anderson – Q1


  • Derek Jones – Q4
  • John Walter – Q3
  • Gerald McKinley – Q2
  • Daniel Roughen – Q1


  • Ed Holt – Q4
  • Terry Schwindler – Q3
  • Todd Price – Q2
  • Scott Rothlisberger – Q1


  • Vasha Simmons – Q4
  • Terry Schwindler – Q3
  • Pam Ortiz – Q2
  • Daniel Roughen* – Q1
  • Kenneth Knight*– Q1


  • Ed Holt* – Q4
  • Joshua Williams* – Q4

PAT HART Employee of the Year

  • James Schoepf – 2016
  • Nick O’Neal – 2015
  • Harvey Logan – 2014
  • Susan Huellemeier – 2013
  • Jessica Peters – 2012
  • Derek Jones – 2011
  • Harvey Logan – 2010
  • Cal Till – 2009
  • Gerald McKinley – 2008
  • Ed Holt – 2007