Can Your Data Outlive A Kidnapping? - Infinity Network Solutions

How would you feel if someone hijacked everything on your computer and held it for ransom?

Would you be unaffected?  Everything is backed up.  I’m good. 

Perhaps you have nothing of merit on your computer, so it really makes no difference to you either way.  Eh, I don’t need anything on my computer.  Go ahead and take it. 

What if you do have something worth taking on your computer like work projects, financial information or private messages?  What would you say then?  What if your data isn’t properly backed up?  What if the only way you could ever see your data again is if you paid money to the kidnapper of your data?

Lately, as a string of ruthless ransomware attacks affect the business world, many CEOs and managers are required to contemplate the price of their data. They must also review the content of their data as well as the reliability of their backups systems and processes.

If you aren’t sure what ransomware is, it’s a form of malware that will encrypt your data.  To receive the decryption key, you will need to pay a predetermined sum of money to the hacker or hacking group.  Usually, this is not a large sum, thereby making it more realistic for a larger percentage of businesses and individuals to pay up.

However, this is not always the case.  Some attackers demand millions of dollars from high-profile companies in exchange for the decryption keys.  The victimized organizations can lose critical records and, in the process, suffer reputational consequence that no amount of money can ever undo.

What would happen if you suddenly lost all access to client records?  How badly would your daily operations be affected?

Feeling anxious yet?

Ransomware can affect any business and any person at any time.  Because of this, it’s important to keep your data fully backed up so that you can be sure your data can outlive a kidnapping.

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