Here We Grow Again! - Infinity Network Solutions

As many of you may have seen last week we are growing.  To be honest we are looking to grow every day, whether that is a new client or a new team member to serve our clients.  Growth is the lifeblood of any small business.  If you aren’t growing you are likely shrinking and that isn’t good for the long term.  But with growth comes changes and issues you have to manage and deal with.  For me I see growth as two things; how to serve the client better and how to serve your employees better.  Below I though I would take a few minutes to explain how these are addressed with this acquisition.

Our clients depend on us every day to ensure the IT systems they use are serving them well.  When IT is off most of our clients are greatly impacted.  Every day we work to deliver even more stable IT systems, whether that is through better processes, new processes or better tools.  The team is always looking for ways to avoid issues and ensure stability.  So growth like we are having now allows us to have new team members to address these needs through new perspectives on how to deliver great service.  This enables us to sit down and talk through new best practices and how to make one plus one equal 3.  As we grow our client base it also allows us to take advantage of being able to consider new tools that will allow us to do more, faster.  But the biggest thing is talent, plain and simple.  As any small business or HR Manager knows, finding people that are both properly skilled and the correct cultural fit is hard.  We see over 500 resumes a year, do over 50 interviews and hire only 3-5 a year.  A lot of work to get it right but it is worth it.  With this acquisition we brought in 4 incredible people all at one time.  We have been able to expand the Operations Team (HR and Finance) and the Service Team with both new engineers and a new Senior Consultant.  This allows us to deliver better service with a great level of depth and breadth which means we can do more, we can answer more calls and we can spend more time with our clients working on their growth strategies which is where our real value is.  But we aren’t done there, we are still looking for great people to join our team both engineers and account managers.

So how does growth help our employees you might ask?  First of all, everything I have said above about our clients benefits our employees.  A larger client base means our employees can focus more on what they are each great at doing.  Not everyone can be great at every aspect of service delivery so with a larger base we can allow more focus for everyone.  Better tools make the work go faster and better for them also.  A larger team means that with more backup on tasks and projects our employees can take vacation and leave with less stress about whether things will continue to move forward and what they will come back to.  But the biggest and more important is room for growth and leadership.  Most small companies lose more people to “next level” opportunities than anything else.  You lose them to larger firms where they can specialize, where they can lead, where they can grow as people.  So we see growth as an opportunity to give those that are passionate and what we do here a chance to spread their wings and try new things.  Building the next generation and level of leadership helps us deliver to our clients faster and more efficiently.  A problem needs to be solved as close to the root as it can be and giving more leadership control of the team means that happens.  It also means that leadership can focus on growth and improvement in the overall company.  Which is great from bottom to the top and out to our clients.

So while we want to grow we also want to make sure we grow at a pace that we can continue to deliver on our mission and value to our clients.  We want this because it helps us in the long run deliver faster and better for everyone involved and do it in a way that will ensure long term success also.  So are you looking to the future for your business?  If you work for a business are you aware of what it’s plan for growth are and how you can be part of the effort?  I would suggest you should be because change happens every day whether you are part of it or if it’s happening to you.  For me I would much prefer to be part of it every day.